It's difficult to separate my life from Computers and the world which it projects us into. I am a part of that world, and I love to live my imagination in there. I dream, I imagine, and I write, and I code.
Creative writing intrigues me as much as the software development does. Well not just the developing software and designing websites, but the entire domain of programming as such is a form of art.
Perseverance I keep, and each day I try to improve.

This weblog of mine is like life's journal. This journal has short stories, poetry, life-lessons, my experiences I gathered over time.
It's my scrapbook of memories, photographs, and reminder of moments that I once lived. This journal is my companion, and stay to me as closest as one of the best friends. 

Feel free to leave your words for me. I shall love to reply, and connect back to you.

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