It is difficult to mention about the 'About'. Words start to fade way from their impressions in my mind while I try to collect them to speak or write about this. But, let me try...

I am sure you must be wondering what is this 'Bumbler', or what does the term 'Bumbler' mean. The unofficial dictionary defines it as:

Bumbler Dictionary Meaning
We all make mistakes, and we learn from them. I make more mistakes, and that pushed me towards this blog where I can journal about them😂. And also share them with you to learn, or may be have a light laughter on my stupidity. Laughter is important, and it is of utmost importance when you laugh on yourself😊. Over the time I have learned to laugh on myself in general.

Well, I am a Software Development Engineer by profession. I write articles on software engineering on my blog Utopian Nerd. On the contrary to my profession, more often, I am driven by my imaginary and fantastical fanatic imagery. I put them together in broken immaturely shaped words, sometimes in grammatically incorrect sentences, trying to craft a sculpture which rarely or coincidently exists around us, through different posts on this blog, Bumbler. I craft nuances of emotions in form of poetry, fiction and photography.

Speaking of my roots, I am from India. I love all the forms of literature from my country, and from around the world in their truest form. I seek knowledge and learning from every walk in the life.

I wish readers to stop by at my blog, spend some time reading my posts genuinely, and leave comments for me. Your valuable time spent on my blog posts adds to my treasures.

 - Anshul
(Your Bumbler)