Thursday, June 28, 2012


Surprised! With strangeness in my eyes, I wonder how a scene could get missed from my naked eyes that a camera sees playfully. I play around with my cam, capturing in my frames the world, trying to make them appear as I want them to be. Same subject, different angles to grab the best shot I practice. Few tweaks on camera controls and slight knowledge of physics can do wonders to your frames.

While I was editing one of my photos, I got struck in a thought. To me, why the real world doesn’t impress me and but its portrayal in captured frames does. Is it so because I don’t want to see the real world? Or is it so because I have accustomed my eyes to a different world that being a false replica of the real one, with finer bits of added creativeness by a sight seer, has turned out to be more appealing and as per my wants. I start believing that the world in captured frames is the real one but it is just a diversion that I have created for myself to escape from reality. I am confused over what the answer to this should be but I know that truth is stranger than fiction. Moreover, I also wonder how easier the life would have been if we could mold the world the way we want them to be with certain possible limits to it. It should have been like the way we post process our snapped photos on computers in order to give them a finish that we missed in the actual shot. Few strokes of healing brushes, some resizes, color tuning and we are done… This is what I see through frames of viewfinder in my camera. Frames of my spectacles hurt me.

I have shutter speed and aperture control on my cam. I can control how much external light should come and fall on its sensor. I can even use faster shutter speeds to pause a fast ongoing event. Readjusting my spectacle frames, I rethink what controls we have got to mold and control the effects that the real subjects have on us? Many say that it’s us who decide how much we get affected from outside world and mold change in it as well. I never contradict on this but support this as an exaggeration.
I dare not to change my subjects. I just change my angle with respect to the subject and accordingly I need to validate my composition. I adjust my cam’s depth of field as removing every unwanted subject from the large field of view is not possible.
If I don’t blur the major reality, my minor subject will tend to go unnoticed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Life has its meaning in living it. Praising one’s life presumes the extent to which they live their life. Living confined in boundaries of a garden never feasts us with reality. The reality has no limits, I suppose. Just pop your head above the boundary in your garden and there you will find another reality. The reality, that you never ever explored, as you were stitched to grounds and trapped in the circumference that you created for yourself. There is a lot to explore. The life itself ends when explorations end. Check your veins. Its pulsating is not an essential proof for your existence to be alive, but your continued exploration is.

I have always tried my hands on loads of things that impress me the most. Apart from writing, filming movies and photographing has fascinated me the most. I have started to explore this field too nowadays. Consequently I had been on a research to find a good cam for myself. Finally, almost two weeks ago I received my Camera from Flipkart. Its Canon Powershot SX-150 IS. This is a bridge camera and helps me learn all those tunings and options that are available in a DSLR. Effectiveness might not be that true in terms of quality in its images compared to DSLR, but is sufficient for beginners. I am an amateur beginner for Photography so this was my choice. Moreover this was the best possible bridge camera under my budget.

After my exams reached end, I shifted with my baggage at my friends’ flat and will be staying here till my classes resume. I couldn’t go to my home, missing my mom and dad. :( But I had no choice. I had to learn few of my Computer Science subjects so I am staying here. But other than this saddened face of coin, there is a lit face on the other side where I am learning photography with huge vigor and interest. Anirban Da has been helping me, being a support always, and guiding me appropriately. :)

I will be soon coming up here on my blog with photographs that I will be shooting in the process of my learning. :)

Stepping Stones

It rained yesterday here in Durgapur. Blisters that prevailed due to consistent heat and coagulated inflictions tried to wash themselves away. It felt soothing. Sometimes roaring harsh wind uplifts you the best. Hiving in closeness, playing romance on guitar is not always the obvious solution for repose. Hard Rock does play an important role wherever the former lags behind. I realized it yesterday. It felt soothing.

I am in third year of my B-Tech course now. Two days ago, I became a pre-final year student. And with this, more indulgent sprouts of anxiety and sense of responsibilities have started taking place in my mind and heart. Keeping the anxiety till the sphere of brain is acceptable. Its plunderage on walls of the heart is not. And other than this, I have been continuously grooming myself, trying to bring out the most uncommon in me, keeping the rest common ones in me intact and stabilized.

I have been with my roommate since first year. Persistent problems couldn’t make it possible this year and I will be having a new roommate now when the semester starts after the break. Sort of predicament I was in, because I build up closeness and intimacy quickly and much strongly. Everybody doesn’t do so; but I do. Consequently I alienate myself. After all I neither own the lock, nor the key. I am just a user till my authenticity as a user is carried over by the programmer. My scope and lifetime is not controlled by myself. Situations and needs dictate over this.

While returning from my Java class yesterday, still then it was raining, I noticed streams of dust, coagulated together, floating on the inundated silent road. I thought, how long are they going to last together? How long will they continue to be loyal and intimate for each other? Situations and needs dictate over this, I contemplated. Even though it’s pinning, I tried to accept it as soothing.