Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome To The Real World...

Do you realise your eye brows getting concaved, ears twitching, and larynx ready for vibrations but your brain searching for appropriate words. Even if the brain gets them, still intermits the coordination to prevent you from uttering anything. This situation happens most of the time with me when I need to convey answers to one of the closest friends of mine, who mercilessly spears me with questions. I called ‘Spearing’ because those questions revolve around their personal lives, and giving answers to such, which I impart in form of suggestions, make me feel as if I am interfering with their so happening game.

The game in which we are characters, equipped with powers, weapons and strategies that we gain in the due process ever since the game started. Current status in the game largely depends on us that how well we were playing ever since the commencement. But today, games are never clean.
They do offer portability of installation of cheat codes, patches, trainers or bugs that make excelling and leading in game easy. We are different characters of the game. The character may go through loop holes and conquer the land to finalize the game, but morally they never win. That satisfaction goes missing if you escape the Vizier by using a trainer for maximum health in Prince of Persia – the two thrones. The real delight comes if you use a well planned strategy on your own to pin down the Vizier and kill him finally by blowing his ass with your dagger.

Situations are not much different outside my Play station and Xbox. The real world resembles very neatly the characters I control on my gaming machine. But the most important difference lies in one fact, that is my gaming machine offers me options for ‘Save the game’ and ‘Try Again’. And the real world doesn’t.

Be diplomatic and escape from them, my mind says, when one of my dearest friends comes to me with a very crucial anxiety. I know suggesting anything would not be very easy. This situation can be well realised if you were invoked in very similar situation with someone somewhere. But if you would be of my kind, you would not let your friend go upset.

I still remember how one of my best friends came to me that day. He was in love with some girl. He feared a lot to explain himself before her. He felt as if she would dump him, trash his friendship for her. And as ‘Friendship’ was the only existence between them that held them till then, he could have never thought of loosing this very thing. The situation was so pathetic that I was dumb folded before him and could not suggest him anything. The next day I wrote something and messaged him. It took half an hour for me to type such a long sms but I still preferred going this way.

The happy ambience, flowering romance,
Free from anxiety, in lap of almighty.
The feel would be divine, being at cloud nine,
But how will this accomplish, If you don’t fish?
You will just be a dreamer,

What is her resubmission,
Is it a close observation or an obsession.
Or is it a false emotion, in her every notion,
How will you get to know these,
From eating your bread without cheese?
You will just be a mere craver,

Life is from light, with its energetic delight,
Why live in dark, as if you are a nark.
Go to her and specify,
How you adore and pacify,
You will not be a Winner,

Message was sent. I was not sure if it could proof empathising. But I was satisfied that I did what I was capable of. I had written the code, compiled it and ran my program. I knew the output screen would surely appear, as I did not miss getch() function in my code, and it would not allow the output screen to escape. I just waited for my output to appear. And it appeared two days later.
He phoned me. He said that he was very much impressed by the way I explained him through my sms. He told that he went to her that day, with flowers, gifts and a greeting card. They met; he gave whatever he bought for her. With frequent smiles and throbbing heart beats; his lips quivering and toes curling, he was about to propose her. But then she introduced him with another boy of his age. He thought that might be he was her brother, but was still suspicious as their faces didn’t look alike. He was her boy friend.

I feel it’s very easy to live with one’s fantasies. I innovate something; I design the outline, code it, and run the program. It works according to my will. And if it doesn’t, then the part of it works, and even offers me chance to correct it and run again. In my computer world it never happens that you design a program for calculating simple interest and the output you get is about calculating the factorial of a number. This can happen only in real world. We can’t do anything other than fastening our knots and belts and get ready to lay forward, forgetting events that occurred backward.

I was again dumbstruck as my friend narrated me everything. I could not spell out anything more other than a single sentence – “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD MY FRIEND”

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  2. very nice piece of work, a nice combination of good thought-process and their brilliant expression. Keep it going.

  3. nice one again anshul.its feels very nice to read ur blog posts

  4. i hav no words 2 share my view about ur blog..... but i will only say keep going.......

  5. I love your blog,thank you for letting me know about it,or I would have never known of such talent..keep writing.

  6. That was a brilliant of putting across that life cannot be programmed to our liking. Life is unpredictable and all we can do is accept it and enjoy every moment of this life, we can reprogram it to suit our wants. Loved it Anshul.

  7. thank you alpana. I am feeling elated to know that you visited my blog and appreciated it. :)

  8. That was a brilliant way of putting across that life cannot be programmed to our liking. Life is unpredictable and all we can do is accept it and enjoy every moment of this life, we can't reprogram it to suit our wants. Loved it Anshul.

  9. yes. Life cant be reprogrammed. On the contrary we have to program ourselves to compete with what life has for us. Thank you rimly that you visited here and liked my post. :)

  10. Superb.... Path independent process...starting at imagination and tending towards the Reality... Work done will depend upon the kind of imagination....good thoughts Anshul