Friday, June 26, 2015

Brain-sick's Diary #6 | Conundrum

In the lucid smile, there is a not so lucid story.
A story of coming of age… A story so confused in itself to be narrated…
Silence prevails, in attempts to unravel the mystery,
Of looking inside, of looking within.
And what is apprehensible? It’s the outside world…
The world that eyes witness.
Doubt prevails, when eyes assume to have found the truth.
In situations so common, why emotions are anarchical.
Emotions fabricated from love… Emotions fabricated from loss of love.
Silence prevails, in attempts to unravel the mystery,
Of looking inside, of looking within.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Surprising Weekend to come...

As I moved myself to the billing counter, the biller handed me a lucky draw coupon. I scratched it and to my dismay I found I was one of the lucky winners to get two VIP passes for an event night at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. On inquiring further with the biller, he told that its about a dance and music show, which is going to be performed by Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. As he said the name Anushka Manchanda, my wife jolted with happiness. She is a music freak and is one of the fans of Anushka Manchanda. And me being a dance enthusiast, I knew the deadly dance moves owner Allu Arjun. He has given some of the finest movies and his acting cannot be scaled in any way and so is his dancing skill. It couldn’t have been a better surprise for us. This weekend we wanted to celebrate and the occasion now became so grand.

We have seen a lot of actors in different movies. But very few among them are those who come out of their comfort zones to give their best. Allu Arjun is one of them. The superb acting done by him in movies like Arya, and Arya 2 is beyond any description. The critic’s acclaim that he has got in so less time is very appreciable. I am a dance enthusiast and the killing moves by Allu Arjun just leave me speechless. My wife who has a passion for music, she loves to listen to Anushka. I have often remarked her that she tries to copy the articulation in voice which we find in Anushka’s. She proudly accepts that yes she does and she owns the right being her fan.

We are enthralled to go and watch the dance and music night tomorrow. Just imagining the evening together with my wife, watching our favorites is making me feel warm. The duo is so perfect together, and their performance would combine to present a memorable jugalbandi, which might be the best in many years to come. Whatever be the occasion, the duo can perform together and set the stage on fire and deliver total entertainment to the audience.

Music is a best medicine to de-stress yourself. And this weekend is going to be very special for us two as we have turned out to be lucky entrants into this grand occasion in our city. My wife thinks she might be lucky enough to get their autograph and a selfie too. I don’t know if she would be that lucky or not, but one thing is sure that the musical performance will be awesome.

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A night to remember...

Music is a drug. The life otherwise without music has a lot to put you down and bite with its fangs. Music acts as a drug to boost your energy level and recharges you for the next steps. And when music is accompanied by your dance moves, it turns out to be as if it is a catalyst for the drug, helps you relieve the stress much quickly.

After the office while I am travelling in bus or sometimes in train, I always plug the earphones in and tune into Youtube channel to watch Allu Arjun’s dance moves. His dance moves on the music beats blows me off. And when the music which guides Arjun’s feet moves is from Anushka Manchanda, the effect can’t be described in words. While watching through the videos, I travel back in time when I was in college and try to perceive the impeccable duo on our college podium during cultural nights of college fest. Those days were amazing. And just to imagine myself there with the duo performing live blows me off.

I see myself there, dancing… shouting… Our madness at the peak as Arjun perfoms on the stage with Anushka musical vocals to add to our craziness. Certainly, its last cultural night for us because next month we would be graduating out from our college. The feeling inside us to make this night memorable seems to have become true, as they continue to perform. I don’t know how to dance, neither does my friends. But it’s the trigger which Arjun has pulled and we have just started to copy his steps, though not perfectly. And sing along with the Anushka. They pause, and let us complete a snippet of song, and then they continue further. The perfect coordination of dance and music together at one stage seems so rare to be seen. But on our last cultural night at college, we seem to have enjoyed that, for us were able to have the amazing performers in our college.

And as I conclude this, I realize that the song playing in my earphone has stopped. Well imagining itself has relieved so much of stress from office already. I wonder how much fun it would have been if this would have been a reality for us in college. Allu Arjun is truly a dance guru, and has the best of the talents inside him. The hero from Arya , Arya 2 and many other hits, is a man of capability to perform marvelously and so is Anushka.

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Brain-sick's Diary #5

Life has offered varieties. Varieties in people, in their behavior, in their culture, and with this lies the varied experiences of ours. Experience is carved not just from our own endeavors, but it is also accompanied by the culture we are infused into. You may be protesting, not accepting the culture that surrounds you, but the survival for existence always stays at the top most priority in your list. Survival for existence is after all so natural. Lets not just blame humans only. Its prevalent across all forms of life that exists. And this is the survival for existence that pushes you to adapt. Adapt to the culture, to the surrounding which is not so acceptable to you otherwise.

He has adapted to the culture too. The learning curve was steep. But at the end the least that he could have achieved was to get used to with this culture; and he did it. Now he stands firm. The firmness has to be raised even more. Strands of relationships that tend to bind people together; he has doubts on this authenticity. He realizes that relationships are not permanent. Time is a dimension. And every relationship is carved out from time. Clock ticks, relationship tricks. He learnt to try not to be tricked. To keep trying is very important.

Where is the happiness? Well, the happiness is omnipresent. Happiness is God. If you believe, God is everywhere. If you don’t believe, you can’t find God. So is the happiness. And to add to this crude thought, here is an important quote : Happiness is indeed a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experience.”

His struggle is on; his endeavors to find solace, to find God, to find happiness.

June 12th, 2015.