Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beauty n Sophistication

In the belittled
Swollen bunch of color,
Grooves lie many
With pungent straying odor.
In one, I lie,
Lies my world
That small you will say,
In the bigger of yours
Do happy you stay?
At peace is life here
Free from sickness' grey,
Expectations we don't keep
And work for the fragrance spray.
Devoid of emotions is inside,
But pain inlays.
Me too, a creation of God...
You call it a beauty
Or a sophistication you say.

Friday, November 22, 2013

That day after everyday

Ideally, violence should be the very last resort for anything. And thats what Anurag Kashyap sir showed in his 22 minutes short movie 'That Day After Everyday'.
Our country, the land of commotions, reasons to which have various domains ranging from political corruption to domestic disgrace, from individual's moral spoliation to lack of futuristic visions.
In this scenario the status of women in our society is a setback to each one of us. Molestation and eve teasing is like everyday's bread, so common that not a single day passes without witnessing such illicit acts.

Anurag Kashyap sir, a renowned name in Good Film making, has come up with a striking story which will pull down into a pool of shame those chauvinists who bear no respect for women.

Why am I blogging about this movie? I would say its my support for Anurag Kashyap and his work in this movie, and also to raise my voice against morally deprived men in the society.

Here I share the official link of this movie uploaded on YouTube, under the banner of LargeShortFilms, which holds fame for making quality short films.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The 3rd Blogoversary

It was around this time, three years back; I was in first year then. It started with enthusiasm to have my own space online, which would somewhat look closer to a website. I remember I made a website for my school when I was in class Xth as a part of my school project. Having got appreciation from my computer teacher, gradually I gained interest in web development, and always wanted to have a website for myself. What exactly my website would be all about, what contents it would have I never thought of. ‘Blogs’, I came to know of when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan started to reach people through his blog. Blogs are the medium to express yourself and connect with people. Blogs serve as an online journal, linking to other sites and news stories.

My poetic verses and story making in messages/SMS for fun and scraps on Orkut started making their space at my newly made blog at Wordpress. But me being an enthusiast for web development, and a student of computer science, I was not satisfied to work within restrictions imposed by Wordpress at that time. Wordpress has turned a bit flexible now but then it not even allowed use of iframes and external scripts. 
I came to know of an online tool which could transfer a Wordpress blog to Blogger, keeping posts and comments all intact. And that marked the start of my exposure to web development and web designing.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Now placed at TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.

16th of November, 2013, the day I will remember always; moments I experienced, I will cherish always; the extent of pressure I underwent; I will think back always. 

Yes, that was the day when I faced the very first job interview of my life. TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, India’s one of the biggest IT company and associated with one of the biggest conglomerate and trusted name in industry, ‘TATA’, gave me a chance to appear for Interview Rounds on 16th at Rajarhat Kolkata, after I cleared the aptitude exam conducted at my college in Durgapur. All the hard work I laid, was for sure supported through blessings of the Almighty, my mom and dad, my friends, and through blessings of all those strangers whom I encountered knowingly or unknowingly on the way to my interview venue whom I openly asked to call my name in their prayers so that I get the job.

Thanks to all of them. I am now placed at TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. :)

My cute friend :D, Namrata, she always said I am for sure going to get it, but I
wasn’t affirmative about it. This was not because I was not hopeful and confident rather I just didn’t overlook all the possibilities. And now when we together (Namrata and me) made it into TCS, we are happy and at peace of our minds.

There is a lot more to achieve, and excel even further. Life is all about learning and growing and that I count as a driving agent for my life.