Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delusion of Love...

Once, I lived on a tree,
With everything green around
And other birds pretty.
An elegant view of hillock,
Where lived a little dunnock.
She came here,
Quite near;
She sang for us,
With no fear.
That day should have never ended;
When our eyes had met,
And she had smiled.

Tree had no bells,
But wind had chime,
With a voice so fine,
And a schematic rhyme.
Sunny galore of spring,
Had sent us warmth,
Clung with love in his ring.
And Cupid had sent Raven,
With flowers her favourite,
From garden of his heaven.
That day should have never ended;
When our eyes had met,
And she had smiled.

Mr. Snowfield had left,
As his snow got theft;
West wind came here
And dug his tent our near.
Then trees had swayed,
With dunnock that played,
A song from his tumbler;
The Cupid’s favourite number.
That day should have never ended;
When our eyes had met,
And she had smiled.

A day then came,
When there was no sun;
Only silence resided,
And no birds at fun.
With cold wind’s smack,
Mr. Snowfield was back.
No view of hillock,
No sign of little dunnock.
Gone were all birds,
Gone was that Raven;
Gone was our love,
With Cupid in heaven.
I turned to see,
If anyone was there,
Left alone like me.

I know,
She was the last to flee;
She forgot me,
And about my broken knee.
The last leaf then turned pale,
Its veins turned white,
And soon it fell.
That day should have never existed,
When she had left my hand;
She chose to move away,
And I died at our kaput stay. 

Copyrights - ANSHUL GAUTAM'S

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  1. @Kati - Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

  2. i "like" it...... u have got style...yes u do...n i love it.
    loved the way u depicted love n related it with changing seasons.... beautiful imagery yet simple n lucid. lovely!

  3. a poem full of thoughts and love.............

  4. Very cute, Anshul. I like the way you shared the seasons of love...and the pictures are fab too!

  5. @Sayani di - Thank you so much di. You words encouraged me a lot. :)

    @Rashmi - Thank you rashmi. Please keep visitng. :)

  6. @Corinne - Thanks mam. Seasons implies changes and I compared them with love. :)

    @GeetS - Thanks for stopping by. I loved your poem too. :)

  7. Sneha - Again...Awesome.. :)

  8. phew... went through it... never believed I could have come to its end... its loong... but cute :D Keep writing... (and please the next one- a short one :D )

  9. Lot of improvement, I must say.

  10. nice one... but a bit lengthy.. love season well depicted..

  11. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers Reflections.

    Although this is a sad tale of love lost, I do like the seasons of love theme.
    Your imagery is awesome!
    Nicely penned indeed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  12. O Mine! This one s fabulous anshul! It should be included in rhymes book n all...I loved the entire presentation coz presentation matters a lot!! V good! Well done!!!

  13. beautifully written....Anshul you are immensely gifted.

  14. Sweet post. Nice pics :) Every time I come here I love reading your posts :)

  15. That was so sweet a poem! :)

  16. A great metaphor...the seasons...the journey of love from its new beginnings in the it's full heat and peak of discovery in the the waning of love's kiss in the fall...preparing to end...and the winter's call to Silence...buried in the cold of the first snowfall...nicely done...

  17. Sweetness. I loved it and the photos. <3 Jan

  18. @all my friends - thanks for your visit and keep visiting and I shall be here to greet you with my new posts. :)

  19. its fantastic..........totally a different feeling comes after reading dis...........

  20. a very different presentation of love...superb