Saturday, June 13, 2015

A night to remember...

Music is a drug. The life otherwise without music has a lot to put you down and bite with its fangs. Music acts as a drug to boost your energy level and recharges you for the next steps. And when music is accompanied by your dance moves, it turns out to be as if it is a catalyst for the drug, helps you relieve the stress much quickly.

After the office while I am travelling in bus or sometimes in train, I always plug the earphones in and tune into Youtube channel to watch Allu Arjun’s dance moves. His dance moves on the music beats blows me off. And when the music which guides Arjun’s feet moves is from Anushka Manchanda, the effect can’t be described in words. While watching through the videos, I travel back in time when I was in college and try to perceive the impeccable duo on our college podium during cultural nights of college fest. Those days were amazing. And just to imagine myself there with the duo performing live blows me off.

I see myself there, dancing… shouting… Our madness at the peak as Arjun perfoms on the stage with Anushka musical vocals to add to our craziness. Certainly, its last cultural night for us because next month we would be graduating out from our college. The feeling inside us to make this night memorable seems to have become true, as they continue to perform. I don’t know how to dance, neither does my friends. But it’s the trigger which Arjun has pulled and we have just started to copy his steps, though not perfectly. And sing along with the Anushka. They pause, and let us complete a snippet of song, and then they continue further. The perfect coordination of dance and music together at one stage seems so rare to be seen. But on our last cultural night at college, we seem to have enjoyed that, for us were able to have the amazing performers in our college.

And as I conclude this, I realize that the song playing in my earphone has stopped. Well imagining itself has relieved so much of stress from office already. I wonder how much fun it would have been if this would have been a reality for us in college. Allu Arjun is truly a dance guru, and has the best of the talents inside him. The hero from Arya , Arya 2 and many other hits, is a man of capability to perform marvelously and so is Anushka.

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