Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Constant Incessant

Mandarmani Sea Beach

Raw, Wild and Mighty,

Its profusion of emotions,

Untamed incessantly.

With unveiling beauty of the moon,

It churns within and ascends,

As if tripping to a bereft tune.

When the sky shines at night

And stars mischievously party;

Here it roars on its plight.

Men want safety from the wrath,

And hence station the boulders,

Afraid of the devastation at aftermath.

Little does the little men know,

Voluminous insult it has drunken,

Beyond the thresholds of an ideal show.

The angry body had narrated its story

To the skilled oarsmen beating its chest,

And shared how it feels of the spoiling spree.

It warns every now and then,

That it is Raw, Wild and Mighty,

Its profusion of emotions

Untamed incessantly. 

Sankarpur Sea Beach 1

Sankarpur Sea Beach 4

Sankarpur Sea Beach 3

Read about the Amphan of Emotions which led to creation of this post.


  1. No matter what it's arrow of time,
    Little does it care about the Archer.
    Men ignorant believe it to be safe in Quiver, searching for it when needed the most.
    They break the bow knowing it wouldn't come back.
    But the miracle followed the moonlight, The Archer found that arrow deep in those eyes.
    Since then they refused to blink,
    Sinking the Archer into profusion of emotions untamed incessantly.