Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Found You...

Wind blows, Lament slows
Hymns grow, as you show
Your face undimmed
Lambent redeemed.

Sail me away, so far away
I have gone tired
From the oars I sway.
I am befuddled
Cheated & riddled
Don’t let me go low
Or I will die
Wounded from some bow.

Hey!!! Don’t panic and go worry
Don’t draw deplorable lines
To halter your face shines
I won’t die, in so hurry
I will accompany you
All over this ferry.

Soothing shadows close my eyes
When you hinder the sun
With your wise
If your shadows could also smile
It would have jollified
And wassailed this river Nile.

I want the jaunt to never end
To go straight, and never bend
But the nature made me quiver
By creating boundaries,
Even for this longest river.

I don’t know where we are,
In the mid, or some more far
I wanna cheat, and dispel
Turn back my boat and propel
To reach where we started
And make this journey
A bit more inflated.

I don’t have words to explain
Only events that remain
In my heart, yarn my fulfilment
And they still appear new

Thanks to God...that I found You...

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  1. Thanks to anshul..........such a heart touching poetry written by him.........

  2. I never knew you were this expressive :D Kudos:P

  3. Awesome man!! Awesome writing skills :))

  4. wat a lovely poem....yaar.....really m nt getting words to express ....aise hi likhte rho..aage v....

  5. So heart touching feeling.. Innocent thinking and very well written. Bahut acha laga. Keep ur track like this only.thinking and very well written. Bahut acha laga. Keep ur track like this only.

  6. Very nice Anshul. I really liked this... so touching. I also like the new blog!!!

  7. @Kaushal, Ritikesh & Rashmi - Thank you so much. Your words of appreciation help me gather more potential for my further works. :)

  8. @Elizabeth mam & Anirban da - thanks to you that you visited my site to look for my work. :)

  9. Very nice Anshul :) Its a wonderful poem. I didn't know u had such great poetry skills. Keep up the good work man :)

  10. as always nice and touching........gud anshul

  11. a stream of feelings coming from a techno man sounds good.

  12. It is just amazing!!! nice work anshul... :)

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  14. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.