Monday, August 22, 2011

Jai Shri Krishna...

"O Your Lordship,
myself and whatever little bit is mine
in this world and in the next,
all that I now offer on Your lotus feet."

"Just as the ground is the only support
for those whose feet have slipped, 
so also You alone are the only shelter,
even for those 
who have committed offense to You."

"O Shrimati Radharani, 
O Queen of Vrindavana, 
You are a river flowing 
with the nectar of mercy. 
Please be kind upon us, 
and give us a little service 
at Your lotus feet."

**Shubh janmashtami**

(adapted and translated from Sri Krishna Prayers in Sanskrit)

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  1. "Krishna's birth was full of strange and mysterious happenings. It is said to have taken place just about this time of year. There was a terrible rainstorm that night, with lots of lightning and thunder. When the baby was born, his mother, whose name was Devaki, was in a dungeon --a prison-- where she had been kept for many years, along with her husband Vasudeva. The reason is this: her evil brother, King Kamsa, had imprisoned them so that he could destroy this baby she was about to have. The king had heard from fortune-tellers that this son of theirs would grow up to be a great power and would dethrone him; that Krishna would be a restorer of righteousness and would spoil all of the wicked plans Kamsa had in mind for promoting his own power and glory."