Friday, October 28, 2011

If I Could Fly...

If I could fly,
I would flee high,
Up into the sky,
Where every night is Diwali,
Resides our Almighty,
And his ruling ecstasy.
Where stars are lover,
Of their velvety cover.
Together they form
Constellations among,
Their vast spread out,
Astro miles away,
Their rapping gleams,
And albumen ray.

I sigh,
For if I could defy,
The heated 'Surya',
I would flee high,
Up into the sky,
To lift it up
From the green paddy,
And move it above
Up into the blue howdy.
You have your adorned 'Rath',
But still on every 'Chath',
Why you move slow
And delay in every go?
Don’t make devotees weak,
With your move slow
Again on this festive streak.
Bless us with light
With your intense bright,
Make us brave
And vanish our fright.

Don’t fold our wishes
Into pile of files,
Like those police cases
In our human races,
Which has no ending,
No justice;
And always kept pending.
This time, do some quicky,
Shower us with love
And some happy squeaky.
Or else I will fly,
I will fly high,
Up into the sky,
Where you live in your hive.
I won’t wait
And make my cries thrive,
I have learnt from my races,
So I won’t forget to carry,
A token of bribe…

Copyrights - ANSHUL GAUTAM'S

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(Happy Festive lights, and a very Happy Chath Puja to all my friends... :) )


  1. Flying has always been a dream for man. The birds are to blame.

    Joy always,

  2. @Susan - Thank you susan... :)I wish if I could really fly.. :)

  3. happy chath puja anshul. :)

  4. Anshul,

    Happy Diwali..

    You soar through the sky with your words....



  5. brilliant flight of imagination.

  6. wonderful...I wouldn't like to fly though...tried para sailing once..and can never do it again.

  7. Wt an innocent plea...lovely anshul!! <3

  8. @Alpana di, Mani and Jessica - Thank you so much... :)

  9. Nice topic. nicely written. Liked it :)

  10. @Shreya - Thank you so much. :)
    Keep Visiting :)

  11. Wonderful... kaas aisa sach me ho pata..