Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Facebooking... :)

Advent of facebook has affected us. It has affected us with our way of living. It has its effect upon the way we used to share our day to day incidents. And the most important effect which I think is, on our friendship with people. It has provided a bridge for friendship. And through that bridge, reaching out people has become very easy.

Now my each morning begins with few tappings on my phone to open facebook, and check for my latest notifications there. Similar is the case with most of us. Just think that if facebook was not around, how our way of living would have existed then? It would have lived then still contemporary. No new quick friends, no sharing of thoughts on a common platform and outdistanced people distanced away forever. Luckily facebook edited our living and made it more social.

Sharing always soothes. Today through facebook we often share our happiness with friends, and make it large. We share our grief, to make our courage to face it large. Friends increase number of “likes” on our happy comments, or on those which make them happy. Sometimes our distressful updates may appear happy to them, and often they like them too which adds to our emotional miseries. :D At such junctures, we must not mind such “likes” and accumulate negative notions against them within us. Hatred for anyone in any form is always bitter. And may be this would be one of the reasons why facebook has not incorporated the “dislike” button up till now. Is it not enough not to “like” a facebook update if you are not impressed and didn’t really like it? But we being humans carry emotions within us. And these emotions not only define our personality, but also decide how we are accepting the day to day commotions.

I have many in my friend’s list who are very new to me, but we interact very well. We discuss, we chat and return favour for each other. And I have also many of such a kind, who know me since very long, but rarely chat or send a message to know my well being. I did the same with them, and lived remorsefully till the day when I realised I am misusing facebook, and living sad because of my own. A step ahead from your side can work wonders for you. Facebook provides a platform to start with our somewhere lost friendship again. Smiling and happy facebooking is all that is sought.

A smile to appear also requires our own will to make it happen, and we need to disperse our cheeks apart to have one. 

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  1. Well said Anshulda. FB has truly revolutionized the way we live.It has become an essential part of our daily lives. I'm gonna say something about myself which I'm sure is also the case with most people. Whenever I update my status or upload a photo, I can't wait to see how many people have liked it or have commented on it. Call it a Fb virus if u may, but its true and I don't think there's any harm in it.
    Some people think its a waste of time. But I beg to differ. Fb has helped me get in touch with friends & relatives alike whom I had thought I had long lost. If I'm on holiday, Fb helps me to find out what my friends are doing or where they are at. Fb helps us to share happy moments as well as moments of grief.
    We are before anything else social animals. We have to live with the society and we have to work with the society. And since Facebook is the worlds largest society, I'm glad to say that I'm a proud member of it.
    Thanks Anshul for writing this blog. Keep up the good work. *Two thumbs up*

  2. Your voice is so present in this piece! Positive, cheerful and full of hope. I am now following your blog. Glad I clicked the link. Facebook has added much to our lives and no matter how much we complain about being addicted to it or distress over new changes, we are better connected because of it. Thanks for this lovely reminder. Nice making your acquaintance Anshul! :-)

  3. @Rajorshi- You are no different. Even I behave the same. And perhaps, every user of facebook. May be they are updates or our photo uploads, we keep an eye on number of likes and comments fetching on them. :)
    I wanted to convey that the intentions of ours must not drift towards hatred and facebook must not be the medium.
    And yes, you are right! We are proud members of facebook network.

  4. @Tameka- Thank you for visiting, and appreciating this post. Feeling glad to connect with you. :)

  5. Facebook sucks big time! I prefer Twitter.

  6. very true... n we ol loving it!!