Friday, March 30, 2012

Take Me Away

Take me away with you
Where warmth of the sand lies
Amidst stillness of lake blue
Where fishes dance
And birds romance
In their songs of enduring verity
They gift me a heart reincarnated

Take me away with you
Where smiles flourish with fruits
Morality manifolds
And circles in roots
Where wind breezes
Stormy undulations exist no longer
Where symphony soothes
Thunder ceases and showers splendor.

Take me away with you
Where my childhood lies
Down the memory lane
Materialized notes again arrive
And in them I could be free
With purity in my soul
My voice would be clean.

Take me away with you
Where all my dreams lie dew
Homes lovely fairies of goodness
My grandma called them true
I want to live and see the goodness
That I never felt
That I never knew.

Take me away with you
Where tranquil survives
On the canvas of serenity
Doves with their mates fly
Where ducklings cuddle
And pigeons toddle
Where love salvages one’s life.

Take me away with you
With all of my sickness
With my ills and my pains too
Where the supreme divinity lives
I have to ask some questions
Answers, I couldn’t infer so far.

If there is no such place
Then help me hold my breath
I have heard of heaven too
With all good deeds I have done
I am certain, I will get through
And I will go there alone
You shall not lead me to
I am in rush to know
Where does the supreme divinity lives
I have to ask some questions
Answers, I couldn't infer so far.


  1. So, do you consider that the 'Supreme divinity' lives 'somewhere', I mean in some hidden cave or among the clouds?? Or is it just a notion of the child living within you?
    I also would like to know what do you mean by 'Morality manifolds'?

  2. @Namrata : Thanks for your curiosity. And I explained you too. :)

  3. :-) kafi acha h... good one--(

  4. Hi Anshul!
    Beautiful your words carried me to your imagination...
    Take me away ..once again to my dreamland
    My world where I love to be!
    Take me away...

    Keep On Expressing! :)
    A delightful read..thanks

  5. i loved that para with the word tranquil>>>:)
    superb peice :)

  6. Your nostalgia for the world of purity in this age of materialism is certainly surprising. Selection of words is nice and the load of emotion is vibrant enough to move anyone's heart.
    Really a wonderful piece of composition!

  7. bhut acha hai mai bar bar isse pdhna chaunga...
    nice work anshul.. u just keep on writting bro..
    waise agr wo place mile to mujhe v btana plz

  8. @Simran & Janki di : Thanks a lot. :)

    Kunal and Rajan - Thanks that you were here to share your views. Keep visiting more often. :)

  9. wow!.........take me away with my childhood, where my dreams lie, where tranquil's beautifully quoted to get away with it. nice post :)