Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eternal Beauty

I admire the beauty if it exists, which would depict an inheritance of my individuality, amidst my blanked out identity; a kind that belongs to me, an accomplice to my soul's anatomy.
Like the pearls shine, white and pure, still unnoticed, subdued in disdain, my beauty lies coated.
I wait, with pains stitched through patience; I don’t bleed like the pearls don’t sweat.
I wait; someday a soul mate will come to plow the sand dunes, to take away the pearls that lie on the way. Then I will be sculptured near someone’s heart, like the pearls will necklace around with love.

I admire the beauty if it exists, which would let me see even when there prevails the darkest dark.
Like the fireflies blink, some far and some near, a timid melody blinks my mind and says a beauty stand by me. I look; with thrills sailing in my veins, drums percussing on my chest, I search the truth in twilight.
I look through my open window, where fluorescence enters and fills emptiness in my eyes. And there I witness a beauty in disguise.

Why a beauty hides in disguise? Why not it pulsates and waves its original vibes? For if beauty is veritable, why doesn’t it finds its accomplice. Why it remains lost and hitches in hands of dust. The extent of hitches has furthered its boundary. My every lookup, every searching ends at obscured vicinity. I lie dormant with no trace for my pair.

Now I want to announce that beauty doesn’t exist. But my heart foolish throbs for it; few impressions of illusions lie forged on the walls. Like the pearls burn in heat under the weight of sand dunes, I glow in flames driven by hopes in my eyes. I want to end my hopes too. But still...
Still, when the heat around churns to near death, snoring thunder in sky reminds of beauty in rains.
And then evokes admirations for a soul mate, who will wash away the heat, and pick up the pearls. I will be sculptured too near someone’s heart, like the pearls will necklace around with love...
                                                                                        ....And the search for eternal beauty continues


  1. Eternal beauty is all around. The one for you is out there to be found. :-)

    I love the reflective tone of this.

  2. She is out there, somewhere, waiting - a perfect, dazzling pearl.
    You expressed all with such a wistfulness and longing. Well done!

  3. Hello.
    Love is not something we can hurry, it has no timeline. You will know when love creeps into your heart, because nothing else will exist for you except love and the beauty it brought to your life. No matter how lost or lonely you feel, always keep your heart open to's worth waiting for...I know (smile).
    Thanks for sharing.
    Stop by sometime. Day 13/14: make My Heart Drunk...

  4. I wish if could ever find my true love- 'The Eternal Beauty' as you said and the 'Eternal love' as I say.
    Fantastic poetry!

  5. @Tameka : Thank you. :) I liked your recipe too. :D

    @Martha - Mam blessings of yours is all what I need. :)

    @Andy : Sir I am flowing with timeline, looking if ever my pearls necklace around someone's with love. :D Thanks that you flowered my poetic bed with your comments.
    I stopped by at yours too. :)

    @Namrata: You will find yours. :)

  6. May God Bless you with world's most beautiful beauty...May you get the best...

  7. Totally agree with Mr.Andy.. Love is something we cannot find. It just happens to us when it has to. Love is something which will come into your life when you least expect and transform it into something else.
    That's the beauty about being in Love.

  8. Thanks Sneha... :)

    @Sumit : I can just smile... NO words I find to reply for what you said. :)

  9. They say love comes when you least expected it. I've seen it come as a beautiful surprise to a lot of people. I believe that is bound to happen to you, too!

    You expressed your longing for love so beautifully, Anshul. Someday God will give you the lady of your dreams and she'll be able to read your beautiful post.

    Take care and God bless, Anshul! :-)

  10. I believe in Eternal Beauty which most of the times we only attribute to people we wish for...or wait for...

    I believe that love is here already. It exists and waits to be visibly seen in how we talk and act...

  11. @Irene : Thanks that you stopped by here and shared your views on my work. :)

    @Melissa : ... And I wait to find it while I talk with people, while I act in front of them. :)