Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rain/Rein of Corruption...

When did it start, how did it start?… It must have been initially a sole betrayal against morals of an individual. Gradually over the tides of time the spoilt soul would have propagated and infected other saint blood with its fangs. And the consequence is the deadly disease that we have carried over to this century, to our generations, and it’s certain to get carried over to the upcoming offsprings too. What disease is this? Corruption!

This disease, incurable in terms of any revolution that failed on its objectives, seems to have jabbed down its teeth into every organization working at present. This organization not just lies in the realms of society working under private or government ownership, but I am also talking of the organization that one manages within oneself. To me, a person is also an organization which works under the principles and as per the objectives laid down by him. The mode of leadership against oneself is however self-controlled, guided by the juices flowing in one’s head. We, the tiny organization carrying within ourselves, form the grass root level of any big enterprise. When the foundation is corrupt, how cannot the entire enterprise?

Each day starts with betrayal, with a sense of deceit somewhere. Look at yourself, look around you, are you able to segregate completely from the web of corruption? Corruption is like a big tanker installed at the city top, filled up to the brim by us with acid of mild nature but of consistency to decay us slowly. I am afraid, but it rains over the entire city 24x7, all 365 days.

Take a little time out of your schedule, and think of the journey you made so far… How much do you calculate your contribution in the tanker full corruption to be? We can comment, satire and abuse the politicians, but they are used to it. There is no good in doing that. Human cells get mutated easily, and so have politician's, and hence they never feel the guilt and shame. Instead, we should try to mend the loopholes in organizations within ourselves. This is the only option to work upon, and that can fetch substantial results.

Why is the life of human so greedy? Does human race need to start learning from other animal races all over again?

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  1. And coincidentally, I was listening to the song 'चल दिल,मेरे छोड़ ये फ़ेरे,ये दुनिया झूठी,लोग लुटेरे।', and I spotted out the link to this post. Corruption is the part of mankind roaring aloud which seeks for self-interest at any cost. Even if it comes to murder, loot, deceive, threaten or anything else, it's done for the self-interest. The day we would start thinking not just about our own selfish needs but of the well-being of the society as a whole, corruption would shed its prominent colors. It has to be started at the grass-root level, but the point is who would take the initiative, aren't we afraid of being trampled down under the feet of the corrupt big bosses of the society? It is often said that a single spark is enough to bring a renaissance but the real requirement is that the first spark must be followed by a gush of vehemence. Which is certainly not promised in our present society where everyone is seeking the pleasure of corruption at their own levels, in their own terms. To me it seems as if I won't any day in my life,see the sun rising above the developed India.

  2. I agree with your view points too Namrata.
    Lets keep the hope that someday this corruption will stop raining.