Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jelly (:Happy:) Beans

Android, the most popular platform used in mobile phones, its users across the globe is increasing each day. Android is open source, and provides with maximum flexibility to its users who can tune their phones the way they want. That’s an old story now when we were limited with the options and features that the phone came packaged with. Now in era of smart phones powered with various versions of Android, mobile users have options to select what they want for themselves and can update them through the course of time. Stay updated with new features, new technology and new innovations through applications which are available in gigantic number at Google’s Play Store. Now when we mentioned of Google’s Play Store, we can’t just overlook the advantage that Android has given to application developers. To get noticed, and start earning easily, the optimistic way has been shown by Play Store which is the repository for Android Applications where mobile users can download applications of their choice. Application Developers can submit their developed applications to Play Store for other users to download. Play Store houses both premium as well as free applications.

Well, Android already being very much famous does not need any blabbering and most of the stuffs today users already know. This blog post is actually meant to express my happiness and the reason being my new Android Phone. This is my second android phone, and it has come with the latest version 4.2.2, Jelly Bean. Though ‘KitKat’ is likely to be the next release which is arriving by March of 2014, but I could not wait anymore and here I am with my new phone. :D

I purchased Micromax’s Canvas A76, which has 5” touch screen, 1.3 Ghz of Dual Core Processor along with 512 MB of RAM. The phone supports 5 point multi touch and runs games like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Fifa 14, Real Racing and other high end GPU hungry games without any frame loss. Super smooth like your hands on butter brick, the touch is that responsive on this phone. The phone is packaged with all high end features and proves to be a nice competitor to costly Samsung’s smart phones. Within the budget of 8K, Micromax was the only brand that offered me more than what I looked for. God always listens to me, and this time too he blessed me with more than what I sought for. ^_^

For there are many who are confused between Micromax A76 and A74 models, and for them I would say the model A76 is far much better. I don’t understand why there is so much of incomplete and incorrect information about these models. To my dismay, I found even on the box of my phone which says 1.2 Ghz as the CPU speed, which is incorrect. A76 has 1.3 Ghz as the speed.
Reasons be any, I don’t want to go into deeper, as far as I am satisfied. And I am very much satisfied with the performance of my phone. :)

And with the new smart phone, my presence on social media and on my blog may get regular, as it will help me to be in touch on the go. I am excited about blogging through my phone, and while I am typing this I can see the downloading for official ‘Blogger’ application has reached 98%. :D 

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