Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sacred Touch

Bliss is in your touch,
The feat to heal.
Antiquated is the bond of ours,
In your every touch I feel.
Your pokes… Your pulls…
Your caresses of love
Your every touch I know.
But when I face you
Crimson and blushed I go
Naiveness I show.

I wonder…
How do I tell you,
How much life you blow
With your caring warmth for me.
Do keep me embraced
Lavished with your touches sacred
Which cures me from anguish.
Distance from you kills me;
I don’t even wish to walk
With my hands empty.

Come… Come back to me…
And I will listen all that you say
Your iterative talks
I will let you spray.
But come back soon
Now no more delay.
I am waiting for your train to arrive,
Whilst my senses tingling for your warmth,
For your touches; Sacred that they are…

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