Thursday, January 23, 2014

A day at Pragmahal Palace

India, the most talked about country in the whole world. Yes. We own the most precious and world’s one of the most respectable heritage. There are many stories known about civilizations that existed on this holy land. There are various monuments that sing the glory of the past. 
The photographs above are of Pragmahal Palace, in Bhuj, Gujarat. Even after the earthquake attack of 26 January 2001, most of the sections of this palace is still intact. This palace is the one which was used for shooting in the movie ‘Lagaan’ which starred actors like Amir Khan. This palace was built by Maharao Shri Pragmalji (II) in 1865 and designed by Col. Henry Saint clair Wilkins in Neo-Gothic style. It was built as a part of Darbargadh, and developed into a Palace complex over 300 years of its history.

I visited Bhuj last month. I was not lucky to visit Runn of Kutch, as we ran out of time for extending the itinerary. Sharing some of the photographs I shot. These were shot using Canon SX150 (point & shoot) camera. I would love to receive your comments.

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