Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being Aspirer

Who is the one, that has come along,
Haven’t met distress, happiness among.
A seed is sown, a hope is grown
And when it’s a sapling, there comes blabbering
That one day it will grow, fruits it will show
Shadow will be around, pleasure profound.
And then it’s not hope, wider is its scope
Has turned into dream, an auspicious scheme.

Look the difference my friend, in small words I lend
That was the needle, you had selected
To sew your life, that was uncoordinated.
But the finger got pricked; your soul got tricked
Incidents that existed, has made strength go tested.
And if I am not wrong, you weren't played for long
You should be thankful, at least a handful
To the God that’s right, with whom we can’t fight.

What’s so nice, if you continue to slice
You know the pain, as it’s you who has the burn.
Look wider this time; and let life sublime
The life is real, which you must live with zeal,
You can’t skip the bad part, like life in reel.
You have earned something, a lesson to learn.
And it’s already so sad, so why let go further bad?

Copyrights - ANSHUL GAUTAM'S
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  1. Awesome...beautiful rhyme that makes this a song.

  2. You write such beautiful poetry that it sounds like a song and one would want to say it out loud - just to hear the rhyming sounds. :) Amazing.. well done, Anshul.

  3. Lovely a beautiful rhyme and so easily set to melody for a song.

  4. Anshul, your poetry is lovely and so is your blog. Keep the words flowing honest and true.

  5. nice poem
    you cant skip bad part

  6. Nice poem. Its so true.... Ur getting betting with each passing day Anshul. Keep up the good work :)

  7. Nice poem. Its so true.... Ur getting better with each passing day Anshul. Keep up the good work :)

  8. really catchy and marvellous....very well tuned with resonating words..feels rhythmic while reading:):)