Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I will come back

A kind of attachment I grow
Where ever I live,
My vacant hostel reminds something
And I dont wanna leave,
This is so, I believe.

However sweet the home is,
A kind of being myself is here,
Like the bolt on the door is.
And I have locked the door
with somebody inside,
And thats my lonely piece there,
Hauling its roar
Calling my name wide.

Why is it so sad
Among the smiles on the pad?
Hey! I will come back,
Wait for me,
Look for my imprints on rack.
I will turn,
With every setting sun,
For you only
My partner at my lonely.
Hey! I will come back. 

On the way to home I am,
Recollecting the moments
That I had seen,
Guessing what next will I do
When I reach my destination,
To my home, I mean.

How the journey can be fine,
When hours swept in train
Is four times the nine.
But a willing to see;
A thrill to feel;
The air of my homey zeal,
Made myself past the thousand miles.

Now I am here
At my home,
With mom & dad near.
I touched the feet divine
And mom showered her love
Her blessing for me to shine.
The embrace was hard enough
That my dad did,
And more satisfying it was,
Than our usual hostel puff.

With every tea sip 
Slurping into my lip
How Impregnable the kinship has been
Since the time I first met him;
My lonely piece and me akin.

He was always with me,
Like my shadow, at my lonely.
But the soothing was never like this
And energetic this fast.
That now I am getting
As now he is missing;
And I have met people at last.

Having finished my tea,
I wanna confess the familiarity
You have for me;
Like the dreams beady
In my eyes empty.

Hey! I haven't left you,
You are still with me
A promise, I do. 
It's just a brief break
I have taken
To recoup exam's wreck.

Hey! I will come back,
Wait for me,
Look for my imprints on rack.
I will turn,
With every setting sun,
For you only
My partner at my lonely.
Hey! I will come back.

Copyrights - ANSHUL GAUTAM'S
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  1. Its nice to know how you are regretting that you have keft your loneliness behind. :)

  2. Nice dear...
    A feeling that i also have while leaving to home or to college.
    U have beautifully penned it and i think if u compose this poem and then present, it will be the justice for such a nice poetry so that it will to everyone...
    Anyway its fantastic.

  3. I read your poem thrice...and the third time I got to know what you have composed in here....very beautiful. I never knew that you write so well....keep up the good work man. :)

  4. I know the feeling you have written about...I have gone through it also...VERY WELL WRITTEN

  5. well penned words....
    Enjoy the present moment Anshul...:)

  6. Loved this poem Anshul. You have expressed yourself so eloquently.


  7. i could simply say tht m "ineffable" to describe how m i feeling after reading your awesome composition!!!!!!!:):)

  8. @all - thank you friends. :)
    Keep visiting, and do drop your comments. :)

  9. you remind me of my college days. an extract of the exact feelings that i used to get. memories again. lovely!




  10. Comments made by your friends and seniors are ample proof that you have been successful in portraying your feelings which might appear personal here but actually they are universal.

  11. This is so beautiful and touching.
    My fav. line ''The air of my homey zeal'' :)

    Lovely expressions... :)

    Keep on expressing!