Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am The God

They are all voids
Where you lay,
Shallow are the rivulets
Where you play,
Where the light is faint
And every heart has dent,
Where the honesty is said rude
And cruelty implies being dude.
Do you remember,
The last window you broke?
Not with stones;
With words you spoke.
You have worked hard
And turned rich,
You followed the ways
That preached the leech.
You built ‘homes’ for yourselves,
And ‘houses’ for elderly.
But your homes have voids
And there you lay,
Shallow are the rivulets
And there you play.

You printed my preaching,
Gathered them in Bible
In Gita and Quran,
And raged wars in babel.
I had loved you all,
Never let you ever fall.
I wonder about the courage
You packed in your luggage,
And about the demons you gather,
You turn devilish and raging
And disloyal to your father.
I watch you all
Like a film in a roll,
You haven’t reached heights
And still survive in a burrow.
Your home still have voids
And there you lay,
Shallow are the rivulets,
And there you play….

[I wrote this for Blognostics long ago. I shared it now on my own site. :)]


  1. You inspired me to write something on the similar topic. Loved these lines:
    "Not with stones;
    With words you spoke."

  2. A masterpiece.
    Ur thinking is much ahead of present day people... :-)

  3. It's great. Difficult to address people on behalf of God, really difficult.

    Very thoughtful and a true description of the present world and it's heartless people still living in a den of darkness, ill-will for others. Keep up dear. :)

  4. Thank you friends! It got delayed to reply to your comments; I had been busy a lot these days. I am feeling elated to have you all here on my blog. I wish you all to keep visiting my site more often and share your views on my works. :)