Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In your stream of meanings, my being in them has changed. In fake hives where your verity lies, your words for me have changed.

Your bare hands I used to hold, tender and soft, in my bask cajoled. In young gloves of perfidy, yours hold on mine has changed.

For grooves in your hair brown, new fingers you have arranged. In shade of blue in your eyes, impressions of mine black have changed.

In all these time skips, trend on your lips, for my name has changed. Beats for me, the place for me in your heart has changed.

Honey! I am still the same; a harebrained, your lover insane. Every knock on my heart sees you, your existence unchanged.

My arms still lie open, to have you back in them. My lungs lie dormant with smoke, looking for your breathe to inhale, to grasp your love unchanged.

I care not where you have reached; I am still there where you left. I am waiting for you in my life deranged, caressing my angel, in your photo unchanged.


Oh Anshul! your hands needed to be kissed, as they penned down such a beautiful poetry. I am in love with your poem. Truly, it's splendid.

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Thanks for encouraging me Namrata. :)


What can i say yaar???? Its very beautiful... Just keep on writing...


Anshul you are blessed. Please use your potentials towards enlightment, for a pleasant decor. There is nothing much you can gain by sharing your pains or writing about pains. Lift yourself and usr your talents with the best you can to spread happiness. God Bless you.


Hello Anshul.
There will always be pain with love, but we still continue to yearn for love's beauty.
Poignant post.
Thanks for sharing.

Note my new blog address. You might need to update your bookmarks: Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn


Anshul, my sincere advise to the protagonist would be, not to wait for the person who has moved on, for it is what will lead to an endless wait. A person worthy of you will always be by your side. Even if this person came back into your life, he/she has done it once - walked out on you, he will do it again. :) There are lots of beautiful people in the world, lots of lively things to see. So nurse the broken heart, scathed as it might be, for it should be ready to beat back again, with laughter, smiles and glee. :)


@Gaurav - Thanks buddy :)
@Simran - Award? o_O


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