Monday, February 27, 2012

Untitled Love

The wind had smell
A propitious flavor to inhale
When the sky wasn’t blue
Walked there an angel
Her wings were glowing too
A girl in pink
I was in love... I think!

Her golden earrings dance
Blew my mind, lost in trance
Coiffed were her hair brown
And her smoky eyes frown
Often showed dulcet blink
I was in love... I think!

She moved forth
My heart followed
Acting like a tween
People around stood still
Cut in yellow, carmine and green
Then came a symphony  sync
I was in love... I think!

A call, her phone said
Her feet tiptoed, lips moved
Bright red, on the white bed
I saw her finger; a jewel blazing
A kinship; a wedding ring glaring
Sank my heart tween
And even at its bursting brink
I was in love... I think!

Vanished the smell and its flavor
The sky turned back blue
No wings to do the favor
People moved, started the rite
Path trodden, in black & white
No tears! Just little eyes shrink
But I was in love... I think!


  1. Love at first sight, is that truly possible?

  2. loved it :) keep writing more!

  3. @Karima- Thank you Karima...I will need you more often here to feedback on my works. :)

  4. One poet whose name I am forgetting says: A thing of beauty is joy for ever. Another poet whose name also I am forgetting used to compose love poems to please his lover whose name was Maud Gonne. Later when I recall them I will tell you.