Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My smiles you read
My eyes you don’t
Serenity in my calmness you find
Turbulence in my peace you don’t
My words you listen
Meanings in them you don’t.

In my words
Truthfulness lies
You hide truth’s identity
Drag them into disguise
You try to wake me up
Still in sleep I lie.

“It’s a pillow”, you say
Someone’s lap I see
With warmth of love
I rest my head
There roam few fingers
“It’s silk beneath”, you say.

“You are my friend”, I say
I help you in need
Pray for your good indeed
You succeed
You taunt me hard and leave
When my honesty you need
I see you back
“You are my friend”, you say.

You said, “My time is mine”
But I give mine to you
I learn for me
And work for you
No name for me
All fame for you.

“Fall in love again”, you say
Even kinship I forbid
New wounds they give
Healed stiches untie
It’s pain I see
“No Blood”, you say.

If you can, set me free
From my memories
They kill me softly
I can’t revolt
And awake myself from them
You call memories your life
“It will cause my death”, I say

Please, let me know
When dawn comes
Fireball will burn me down
And my cursed entities
My uniqueness you call them
“Grounds for my frustration”, I say.


And I say, it's totally you.


thanks Namrata and Helen for stopping by my blog. :)


Poetic words emerging out from an engineer's hammers bewilder me!


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