Thursday, June 28, 2012


Surprised! With strangeness in my eyes, I wonder how a scene could get missed from my naked eyes that a camera sees playfully. I play around with my cam, capturing in my frames the world, trying to make them appear as I want them to be. Same subject, different angles to grab the best shot I practice. Few tweaks on camera controls and slight knowledge of physics can do wonders to your frames.

While I was editing one of my photos, I got struck in a thought. To me, why the real world doesn’t impress me and but its portrayal in captured frames does. Is it so because I don’t want to see the real world? Or is it so because I have accustomed my eyes to a different world that being a false replica of the real one, with finer bits of added creativeness by a sight seer, has turned out to be more appealing and as per my wants. I start believing that the world in captured frames is the real one but it is just a diversion that I have created for myself to escape from reality. I am confused over what the answer to this should be but I know that truth is stranger than fiction. Moreover, I also wonder how easier the life would have been if we could mold the world the way we want them to be with certain possible limits to it. It should have been like the way we post process our snapped photos on computers in order to give them a finish that we missed in the actual shot. Few strokes of healing brushes, some resizes, color tuning and we are done… This is what I see through frames of viewfinder in my camera. Frames of my spectacles hurt me.

I have shutter speed and aperture control on my cam. I can control how much external light should come and fall on its sensor. I can even use faster shutter speeds to pause a fast ongoing event. Readjusting my spectacle frames, I rethink what controls we have got to mold and control the effects that the real subjects have on us? Many say that it’s us who decide how much we get affected from outside world and mold change in it as well. I never contradict on this but support this as an exaggeration.
I dare not to change my subjects. I just change my angle with respect to the subject and accordingly I need to validate my composition. I adjust my cam’s depth of field as removing every unwanted subject from the large field of view is not possible.
If I don’t blur the major reality, my minor subject will tend to go unnoticed.


  1. Same subject but varied perspective of every eye...

  2. Don't know, haven't thought it from the perspective you have written. I think you choose what we want to see. Thats why you change the angles, modes and light of the camera and similarly we do in real life.

    Thought provoking and very well written!

  3. Hello Anshul.
    Interesting thoughts here.
    Nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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