Monday, July 16, 2012

Smiles :)

Smiles are treasures that have its stretches in between edges of our lips. But the impressions it can lay is unfathomable. A mood setter or flowery ambience creator I should say, but the terminology can’t be better defined, it can be felt on our every lively cell. This is what the action smile refers to. Rather than just being an emotion, it is like an intervention which focuses blooming. And the blooming refers fondness; the fondness of something, anything or it could be just nothing. Smile is an emotion that interposes bad times and good times. There is no obligation for smiles. On the contrary, it’s a saving plus income you do without any necessary taxes against them. Benefits are innumerable. Results are colorful.

Will it be right if I compare smiles with Holi? Holi is an Indian festival, a festival of colors. Splatter and plunge others in colors, and in process we get drenched in them too. Showering smiles is a festivity where you color others and get colored yourself indeed. A token that says more than many words has been coined in smiles. Do share it and you will prosper.  

Emotions are guided by what you get to see through. May be you would be at ease or maybe you will crave for making your living go at ease. In either of the cases your emotions will trail accordingly. Here I don’t infer that you will show them explicitly. You may, you may not. But smiles are above all of your emotions. Rather it should be your religion.
Think it my way and every other person you will come across will be like you, of your religion.  

Photographed by: Anshul Gautam

Written for We Have A Story


  1. Smiles are such a blessing to give and to receive. And, they're free!
    Loved the post and your photos, Anshul.

  2. Smile is always beautiful. You just need to spread your jaws & your all sorrows will get evaporate :) keep smiling!

  3. Smiling is the best thing I think I can do in the best way. It helps me out in adversities.
    All those who smile back to me are the lovliest people around me. :)

  4. The magical word 'please' coming out of a smiley face creates wonders. Good photography.