Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Freaky Techy | Windows 8

Windows 8. Yeshh! 
I installed windows 8 on my beloved laptop. And she is working fine and smooth, like the creamy and flavored coffee anyone can ask for. :D 
I got to install Windows 8 last month itself. I was packed with happiness about it and thought of exploding on my blog. But I was tied mercilessly in ropes of my semester exams. Thank god, I am free now. :P
If you are being carried away in the current of ‘windows 8 is useless’, then beware, you might be getting lost somewhere. Windows 7 is no doubt one of the stable operating system developed by Microsoft. But I tell you, performance wise, keeping aspects like security against malwares, look and feel of interface, resources usage, modes of multitasking, portability and usability, integration of clouds, and there will be certainly many more other advantages as well, which even I don’t know yet, that makes Windows 8 a superior release from Microsoft.

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Why I preferred Windows 8 :

1)    My system now boots quickly, and I get metro UI screen within 8 seconds after I power on.
2)    Windows 8 has two separate user interface which you can switch interchangeably: The Metro UI and our regular desktop.
3)    I have can have two desktops right now on the single screen where I can run Metro Apps in one, and regular windows applications in another.
4)    I had always wanted docking stations and sidebars for my multitasking, and Windows 8 has them all in defaults.
5)    Windows 8 seems more personalized for my use. It seems as if my computer is now specifically for me.
6)    I love the presentation overall. The look and feel of this operating system is far better than all earlier releases by Microsoft.
7)    OMG! The internet explorer is finally the fastest here. :D And it has been incorporated here as a Metro UI App, and it works heavenly for me. (I don’t know how others have been experiencing).
8)    I am a lazy person. Now with Windows 8, and using my wireless mouse, I can do almost everything without touching the keyboard. My laptop stays on table, and I am inside the quilt with mouse. :D
9)    I don’t need to install a third party anti-virus. Windows 8 has a capable and effective Windows defender that solves my security problems.
10)  The start button is gone. And finally something innovative has taken its place.

                                                    (Click on photos to enlarge)
If people think that Windows 8 is only designed for touch based devices then they are completely wrong. You have an added advantage here infact, that you can use it on PC as well as on touch based devices. Its just that I have to use my mouse and its clicks, instead of my finger tapping and touches on screen, for Touch based apps. :P

Windows 8 is currently facing a problem which I think is the most serious one right now. And that is about compatibility of drivers for your hardware. I can’t run internet through my external internet dongle. I am yet to find new drivers for it. There might be issues with several other devices as well that we have been using till date. Moreover, many of us are completely being contradictive behind removal of start button. I am kind of loving it, but if you need your start button back, then you may install some third party applications like Start8, Pokki for Windows 8, Start W8 and so on. Just google them.

That’s enough of my inexperienced blabbering. You need to try once, and you will understand why Microsoft called it, ‘Its Everything At Once’. :))
Location: Patna, Bihar, India


  1. This is JIT, we are struggling to find a new system for us. My husband likes one but the OS is W8. I guess I can convince him with this article.

  2. OMG! That's something a techie-one, thanks for the review. :)

  3. @Namrata & gayatri soni : :D I am sure you will enjoy the new Windows 8 too. :))

    @Saru di : Ya! I am sure he will start loving the new OS soon. :)