Monday, December 31, 2012

Glitters on the New Year's Eve

In this coming newness
Bloom the flower of joy
In the garden of your life.
Fill your mug till its brink
With intoxicating happiness.
Lets say cheers to new aspirations
And imbibe it down,
Deep into our lives.
In this coming newness,
Above all religion,
Abide by laws of friendship.
Spread the song of love.
Tap your feet on solacing tunes
From strings of virtuousness.
Join my party,
Enroll into my resolution.
In this coming newness,
It’s an oath to Stay Human.

I wish you all, a very happy new year!

I present you a Laughing Buddha, for your never ending happiness. :)

Location: Patna, Bihar, India


  1. My best wishes are with you....buddy may this new bring joy in our lives :)

  2. That's so sweet :)
    Thank you so much for beautiful wishes...
    Happy New Year to you too dear ! :)
    Best best wishes for you and family :)

  3. wish you the Same bro.. :)

  4. Happy new year,this is wonderful

  5. Hope your wishes come true! Happy new year to you, & your family :)

  6. Happy New Year 2 u & ur family ...!!!!!