Monday, December 24, 2012

Brain-sick's Diary #1 >> Expectations

“I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can't be helped.”
I read this quote somewhere on Internet. I was trying to join my friend’s fan page, but some cross-links came forward and carried me away from Facebook. I transfixed my eyes, shook my heart, as the words started crawling in multiple spheres of my mind.
What’s wrong with it? The quotation just screamed out the truth!

How can human sustain without expectations? This was the food for my thought on my way back to home from our nearest grocery store.
If I purchase a packet of biscuit, I have some expectation about its taste.
Even the old lady at store expects me to come back again for some more shopping. I can read from sparkles in her eyes each time she bids me bye. How can one say that they hate expectations.

I kept walking tardily, my feet freezing and denying any movement further. But it was stringent thoughts which kept my mind busy, obscured from wants of my legs. I entered my house, even forgot to close the door. I was back to my senses only then when my mom started chiding upon me for not having purchased some butter. She chided some more when her hairs started to swirl and ruffle from the strong cold wind that came through the open door.
I looked back at the open door. I realized, there is always some purpose behind every instance. The Butter! I knew it wont be easy, but I must go. I slammed the door from outside, and it banged.

I kept memorizing, ‘The Butter’, on my way back to the old lady, and meanwhile I was also calculating the thin hairline difference that exist between Trust and Expectation. I haven’t seen any relationship without any expectation. Be it little, be it fiddling and not worth to be counted, but still I presume that expectation does lie there. As soon our expectations start getting satisfied, we start to build trust.
Then what conclusion should I draw from the quotation that disturbed me like Satan’s blow on my head?

To me, it seemed as if the old lady was the happiest person on this earth. I read from sparkles in her eyes again. She offered me a toffee as well, along with the Butter, the essential item I had come to fetch for.
I thought the toffee was now the token of her trust on me.
‘I shall come back!’, I thought.
‘The old lady has certainly the best shop here’. And this way, I had my trust on her.

Our lives run on wheels of expectations. People expect something from us, and we expect a little from them too. In fact our lives are connected with each other, as if it’s a mutual induction phenomena going on; effecting, and being affected. I tried to scan my perceptions, applying them on minute instances from our lives.

I think I am right.

I closed the door silently this time. I didn’t want to hype the heat in my house again. :P
My mom loves me a lot. She has expectations from me; and the trust, that I will never disappoint her ever.

Location: Patna, Bihar, India


  1. Hi Anshul,

    What a remarkable writing!
    Exactly and aptly concluded the Trust and Expectations.
    Ending of the post made me smile, made me happy! :)

    Worth Reading!
    Keep Writing

  2. A very deep thought ! You gave a very contemplative opinion about the difference between Trust & expectation. If it's love, there's bound to be trust, but initially while a relationship is building it relies itself on certain levels of expectations. Quite a read. Thanks ! Take care :)

  3. Well said! When someone says that he/she doesn't expect anything from others, then it means that he/she has less expectations. Thoughtful one!

  4. I am glad that you all liked my point of view.
    Keep visiting, and keep motivating me. :)