Sunday, July 12, 2020


You had given a ray of surmise to his dying sighs,
You had raised the fallen with your tender arms,
You had infused a smile of happiness in a sobbing life.
You had made him realise when his life seemed to be at its end
That there is more life remaining in it.

Like a stone on the road, many formed him as their weapon
And many broke him to pieces as if he were a road blocker.
Then, you had reminded him of his selfdom...
Then what happened so suddenly
That you began to consider him as the same stone on your path,;
What overtook on you that you moved on so easily.

Had he died earlier when you tried to save him, 
He might not have had that much pain
As it is boiling now, 
When you have turned your face away
And left him back alone.

You should have once given him a reason, if his flaws troubled you,
Not only he would have fought the world for you,
But, would have collected pearls to ease off your suffering all along.
Yes, you could have told him once.

He contemplates with each and every tick on the croaking clock;
How can the love so profound dissolve so easily,
No, it can't...
How can you care so much, but then leave easily;
No, you can't...
If it was love, you would have stayed.
Yes, you would have stayed.
Was this for your own good?
You should have elucidated...
No, this can't be true...

Today he is alone, more lonely than ever...
Taking some last breaths probably.
He has not slept for several nights now,
The food has stopped going down his throat.

May be, the death is near...
But he still hopes that you will come and meet him before the clock stops,
And you will re-assure
That you were there for him, you are there for him,
And you will bring back this Assurance before it's time for him to leave.

How can someone say they love you, and then they leave... Assurance


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