Monday, July 13, 2020

Poetic approach on what causes lightening and thunder - The Lightning Strikes

Poetic approach toward what causes lightening and thunder - The Lightning Strike

Science defines how does lightning happen, what causes lightning and thunder, by explaining that clouds in the sky carry bunch of positive and negative charges in them. When they grow large enough, their coming together gives gigantic spark, which we call Lightning. The static electricity in the sky gives the jolt way down till the grounds. Sometimes ferocious, sometimes muted...

A poet's take on causes of lightning defines a different story, with a metaphorical touch. It also has to do with physical coming together of a positive mass and a negative mass. Individuals when come close together, they bring emotional thunder, lightning and reverberations too. These are a benediction for many, and painful for few others. You need to listen closely to the echoes to understand what the sound has to say.

The Lightning Strikes

Even though you believed you both are repelling,
But some day you will fuse together into one.
Should we call that love? that burst of energy?
Or name it a bumbling locus shot from the nature's gun.

Though you promised you won't ever run away
But you did, and merrily you did with the repellent one.
Weren't you afraid of the lightning, hey?
The thunder caused from your deed has left me spun.

You couldn't hear my cries, my voice in twinge,
As you were floating in the skies when you two met.
I was griming, back and forth in the emotional fringe,
Upside down and rolling, drenched gloomily in the sweat.

My wounds are not going to heal soon,
Because the jolts of energy in the thunder has hit me hard.
My songs will linger to play in the perpetual tune,
As my faith in you is as firm as towers on the boulevard.

Poetic approach on what causes lightening and thunder - Love

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