Sunday, July 12, 2020

How Paperblog spoils your hardwork on your blog

How Paperblog spoils your hardwork on your blog

When you start your blog, or your full fledged website, it's obvious that you try for gaining traffic by going into forums and sharing your posts there. There are also several blog directories which guarantee you to provide traffic and we novice bloggers submit our blogs there without going through the detailed terms and conditions.

Paperblog is one such website, which works a magazine site, and provides content from your blog or website which you submit to them. They don't provide their our content and serve content from their members who chose to submit their blogs or websites to them. They ask you to submit your blog to them after registering and then in form of feeds they will take away your posts and publish on their platform.

Such a selfish motive by Paperblog where they don't need to work on creating their own content but thrive on your work, your precious hard work which you did. Now since they have collected massive content from their different members, they are just serving them on their website, with minimal or no substantial credit to original content writer. They have put up a lot of ad networks on their website and are earning  from the work which you did.

The link that they provide, a link which is hardly visible on your post on their website, is also not a do follow link which might benefit you. Instead, they can create a pain for you when you start seeing that the content which you originally created is coming up in second or third page in Google search result but the same content on Paperblog is showing up on the first page in Google Search Results.

I was checking for Plagiarism if any content on this website is found duplicate or not. I was amazed to see very good bunch of articles coming up as plagiarised. When I detail checked, I found that it was Paperblog where my content was popping up and my own content this was is said to be duplicate. And as I mentioned, Paperblog's DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) are much better than my own website here, and hence their Google page ranking is also better.

I am sure any content creator won't like this. I agree that it was my mistake that I did by submitting my website to them. But once I learned what my mistake was, I tried to correct it up. Although I didn't remember what password I used to create my account there, I tried my best to recover the password so that I can login and delete my account. Somehow, after recovering my access on their website, I logged in to Paperblog. To my surprise I found that I can't delete my account or deactivate it. Great!

So, here is another punch strategy from Paperblog. They won't allow its users to login and delete or deactivate their accounts themselves. You can only see your posts that are present there, as an outcome of your mistake to submit your blog to them.

Upon searching a lot, I found that I need to 'Contact' them through their contact form, mentioning that I want to delete my Paperblog account and then they will delete from their backend. Amazing.

Till now, I have dropped five such requests from their contact form to delete my account and all my posts there which are originally mine and were shared here, on this website. They haven't responded yet. And I have very faint hope that they will reply back ever or delete my account. The reason being their social account profiles, Facebook and Twitter, are not so active these days. I should not even use words like 'these days' because their social accounts are not showing any activity for last two years.

Google should take action on such websites which are hampering the original content creators and are gaining bunch of profits from the hard work of their members.

I have messaged them on their Facebook page and also shared tweets tagging their twitter handle, but I have not received any response so far.

This was a mistake I did, and currently I am not sure how I will be able to correct it. In case you are also a new bee, and if by any chance you are deciding to submit your blog or website to them, then friend pause your self. With my experience I can only share that they are evil and will make profits from your work.


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