Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Photo frame

The frame allures,
Windowed bafflement oarlocks me
Sick shredded stitches bothers again
And bespeak our love alive.
Your eyes were my dearest
With astuteness of ocean
Chaplets of sparkles existed,
Adored with passion in your eyes.

My hand blockades before the frame
But how would my heart?

Your fingermarks perch there;

They are costliest, I dare not botch.
I only entice to your call;
The call you make through the frame.
And your eyes clout me
In your lonesome photo I have.
Out of my clutches,
Memories are mellowed on the photo frame.


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  2. i greatly love reading poetry and have read many but none can i compare to the one of your's.
    it's different and holds lot of insight of one's thought.............,

  3. and the frame comes to life...

  4. Again a wonderful composition! :)