Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Friendship Day| 2012

The first Sunday of August, and I thought it to be a regular Sunday, until the time I opened Facebook. Yes the tagging day, the friendship day you call it. Keep juggling with your friend’s emotions throughout the year and on this day bouquet them your love, showing how much depth you have in your friendship.
This friendship day had certain distance bought for me. I already have very few people around me whom I consider to be trust worthy. I am very miser in creating friends. I fear to get betrayed and so I keep myself away from the causes that lead to betrayal. However, even after the cautious measures, my foot slips sometimes.

I thought I can blow away what happened yesterday, and proposed a soulful dawn for myself. I didn’t know that the dusk trails aren’t over for me yet. Few may proclaim that you need to move on. I do too. But I don’t have enough courage that Mr. Thomas Alva Edison had with himself to face 1000 failures before achieving success. There might be confusion on how I am relating Edison with my situation, but somewhere inside me I think I am right by comparing myself with him. I look around; find people on the internet that got to face circumstances that I have been facing now. I relate myself with them and try to figure out the best possible way to keep myself encouraged, moving, as I don’t want to stop. I have miles to go. I really don’t want to stop.

Things will turn out this way, I hadn’t thought. If I had sensed even a minute bit of this earlier, I would have stopped right then. I can’t scribble more. I learnt something. I learnt the difference between illusion, delusion and world around me at present. These three things often mingle together and delude our point of view, our conception. Bearing false conception which is likely to dishearten in near future should be prohibited. Thinking positive is something different. And I do support this. It is like; I don’t support people who think they can refill the toothpaste tube back with the paste that they eased off from it.
We must think, judge ourselves and our point of interests before we start considerations with them. These points of interests range from materialistic things to people alive and dead. We must not throw a blind faith on anyone.

I need to maintain my peace of mind. The peace is very hard to achieve. I want to achieve peace and keep myself stable in whatever I have got to see.


  1. I had a habit of dreaming. I used to anticipate things. I could have fallen for a cartoon character even. Then a sudden jerk made me realize what was I doing to my myself. I was simply playing with my emotions and for that I could not have blamed the people around me whose indifference made me to lose my inner composure. One cries for his own reasons. A clear vision and acceptance for reality can make things better. This is the way I think.

    I liked reading your post. Looking up for the next. :)

  2. Hi Anshul,
    Stopping by your blog after a long time! Missed ya
    Happy Friendship Day to you too buddy!

    everything has been changed by the time and so the people and their intentions. All we need is to be bit careful before being emotionally attached to them!

    Best wishes! :)

  3. don't be disheartened, life is all about pain & pleasure. Just move your step with a caution but love too :)
    happy friendship week!

  4. well, I can understand your feelings Anshul, but believe me there are more good person around us than the other one, so just take it easy n do your part, rest will be alright for sure....:)

  5. And, thus, life moves on!