Monday, September 17, 2012

Cinema: Luna! Mon Amour

Are you also an admirer of art in movies like I am? I am here talking about mainstream movies, not documentaries which despite of being powerful at its composition lie unreached from its audience, most of the times. I have no genre specified for movies. I prefer each one at times, depending on what mood permits. But yes, I have set a criterion, and I never watch a movie with IMDB rating less than 6.5.

Day before yesterday, I watched ‘La Teta y la Luna’. It’s a Spanish movie directed by Bigas Luna. Though, the story you might find too much provocative and explicit, but the tenderness that the director has weaved through his stitches in the story is out of this world. A child’s perspective to what adults will consider agitated thoughts of obscenity has been painted on the moving canvas with enormous care. It’s never the topic of adultery that makes a movie worth for adults only but the disgraceful indulgence into one’s fantasies that might disturb the norms we have set in our society. Can you imagine if one of such fantasy can appear intensely innocent, so pure to you ever?  I have come across it through this movie. I was just speechless till the end.
The start of the movie, which unpacks Mathilda May, the actress in the lead role out of a gift box, is center of attraction throughout the movie. The story revolves around her, and a cute little boy, Tete, whose molars are yet to come out. Tete is unhappy with his newly born brother, and considers him to be as ugly as a demon is. You will need to watch the movie at your own risk to know why that was so… :D

Music in any movie is the integral part of it, and its profoundness is very much essential to build up a touching aurora in the story. I had to Google profusely to know the name of the music director - Nicola Piovani. I searched for other albums composed by him too. And this happened for the first time that I did not know what I was searching for. I watched the movie with English subtitle, and then I was searching for music which was in Spanish/French, I don’t know. But I did grab them from internet. I loved the music, which I am still playing, and it will continue to play till I am finished writing this.

I am full of opinions and ideas about the way people here in India are making movies. But I never tried to review them. I am very much influenced by Sir Anurag Kashyap. This is for the first time that I have tried to splash some of my feelings towards cinema.
And Bigas Luna, you have taken my heart away. If you would have been in my reach, I would have rushed to hug you hard. :)


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