Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On An Ode to Pinnacle

The birthday calls for a day when you feel as if the entire day has been blessed and bears every entity, every chunk of moments defined in it, just for yourself. ‘Aaj mera din hai’, is what I hear most of the times from the birthday buddy. A certain day, when you were born, and arrival of your birthday reinvents that thrill and you cherish the pleasure of having stepped into this world. This world is heaven. And I am happy to be a part of it. I think everybody should feel the same way. And this is what it is meant to be felt. Why we celebrate our birthday, one of the reasons could be this.

The way we celebrate birthday here in our engineering college is quite amazing, but not out of this world I should say. Crush! And beat the birthday man until he can sustain it no more, is the culture here. And you can’t escape from this custom. I am happy. I haven’t celebrated my birthday yet at college. I am always an exception to customs.

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This 23rd September, it was Ashish’s birthday. We call him our HOD, although HOD of which department, it’s yet a mystery. Having drenched in sweat, badly torn apart by his clothes and soiled with dust, but still quite happy, I don’t know how this way a man could be. But he was. He happily accepted every birthday blow by his friends. I was the photographer, and like every photographer, I couldn't creep into any of the captured moments. A well good bunch of photos I have compiled and eased them off into a video with several video shoot footage as well. Well, this was for the first time that I tried my hands on video rendering softwares. Earlier I did work with light and simple video editing software but having my hands drenched by using high end softwares like Pinnacle and After Effects was never made possible. I am glad that his birthday brought that opportunity for me. I know I did that well, but people's comments would have been much better . Movie making and editing has always fascinated me. A certain push is required to set you go. This time a push came for me, in form of my friend’s birthday, and I came out with a nice 20 minute video that bears several professional video effects and renderings. I can’t upload it on YouTube and get reviews on it. I have to maintain secrecy for those uncensored moments I left in the video. The birthday boy wanted that not to be disclosed. :P And so I am left with no choice.

But the happiest part of his birthday was that I got a nice party. :D I am a foodie and I love parties. And I thank him for the nice treat he gave. :)