Sunday, September 2, 2012


/* This post conveys feelings of a boy who spent lonesome days and nights... He was stranger to his own assets until the time a girl comes into his life, and makes him realize of what he was blessed with. Boy believed her words to be true, and her support pushed him towards wonderland.
But at the end he finds how she cheated upon him, hollowed him on every instance. She explains her reasons and asks for forgiveness... But how can the boy forgive? */

I ambled solely, none I accompanied, my shadow tailed behind. With Angel Falls’ beauty, you stepped across me. Without a hint, your shadow eclipsed mine and mingled. Our footsteps trailed where I led them to.
With arrival of the darkest hour, your footsteps diverged from mine, like the way your shadow vanished. You blamed the darkness.
Can I forgive? How Can I?

As trees swung, few notes I mumbled. Birds affirmed me and sky adorned with sprinkles. You clarified my mumbles to be my poetry, and perseverance you embellished around me. The harp tuned aloud, and tattered notes conjoined into a song.
When thunder arrived, birds ascertained it’s my song that called it. But I waited for your reaction. You were deaf you said.
Can I forgive? How can I?

I hopped around, rumbled and jumbled. In my clothes soiled, I was clumsy with dust and carried limited attributes of tastes. You were different as you presumed, that I am covered with musk, with tastes of delectable pulps.
But the next spring seized you far away. It’s the extent of beauty in the other garden you said.
Can I forgive? How can I?

In the empty space inside me, on my left, you found home for yourself. Giggling and twittering, kept me perked up. But with every happiest moment I saw, your mitts swept away all that was mine. You weaponized Love against me, hollowed the shell, and broke its sculptured torso.
You have established your new suite at someplace.
And you want me to forgive. But how can I?


  1. When our hearts get broken, it is so hard to forgive because we hurt so deeply. You have expressed the hurt and loneliness of that experience well here, though I think a few words and phrases are a bit cumbersome, hindering the flow of your words instead of helping them.
    I truly enjoyed this, Anshul, and I feel you have enormous potential as a writer. Just keep working, tweaking, and writing from your heart. May it heal soon so that you may forgive and move on with your life.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Anshul...what will i say about you....i have no words to describe you..Every words written by you contains lot of emotions. I ensure you that those who will read this heart touching lines. They will definately fall in love..!!!!

  3. I can't say a word more than it brings true tears in my eyes..

  4. I'm actually lost for words as well.. there is but only one thing I can say and that is that there are different types of love, and the strongest love there is, is that which exist between two people who's love for one another never dies no matter where life takes them, even if by chance, they're both torn apart by unforeseen circumstances.. In all essence, it's easier to forgive than it is to forget and yet, it's harder to forget the person you've vowed never to forgive..

  5. Hello. I'm from Andy's Blog Hop.
    I found this poem very confronting. Very emotional. I think the image was a good symbol, with something perfect eaten away by a pest. Is it as simple as forgive and move on? I don't think so.

  6. Touching..... sorry cannot say more as I am speechless!

    Here from Andy's blog hop!

  7. Our greatest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts. But to reach the heart and mind of millions, you need to express in a little simpler way.

  8. This is so beautiful Anshul..if the boy does not forgive her, then he will never be free.

  9. Hi Anshul,
    Aahh! That's painful to be cheated and really very hard to forgive and believe again...

    Beautifully expressed. I feel a different charm in your words...soothing!

    Keep writing :)