Saturday, March 30, 2013

Confessing Secrets

I have been admin of several literary Facebook pages which deal with art and presentation of artistic talents. Fortunately, I happened to be one of the co-admin of a confession page on Facebook lately. I am amazed to see the rising popularity of that confession page which is subduing the popularity of any other page on Facebook. The confession page I am currently seeing, where I was asked by one of my senior to manage as the admin, is currently getting approximately twenty confessions each day. I am surprised to see the number of likes which has crossed the mark of 800 today, and this figure was achieved within a span of two weeks since the page was formed. This is a reason for enviousness as I am also looking after my own Facebook fan page which has hardly got 520 likes and that too in this period of two years. Moreover pages like BCET Bloggers and Facebook page of our college’s Tech-cum-Cultural fest, which is being managed by me again, has hardly turned out to be this popular. Reasons?

It is the desperation of being pulled together and expressing what they never dared to say to the opposite genders. I won’t get biased on any side, I am just presenting my sole reactions on seeing the database of confessions we are receiving. And I can see, that we are getting equally sincere confessions from the both sides. At this juncture, I wonder, why are people so tempting towards spilling out their hearts about their love concerns? If they wanna spill their heart out then isn’t there anything else that they would like to share and contemplate about?

I get to learn something from this. If you want to get popular on social media then you would have to project your actions and plan your way out through advertisements in such a way that it relates with the 'attracting phenomena' of opposite sexes. And certainly yes, to a very large extent this is correct. You can see how almost every advertisements on television are now being presented and screen played. They resemble your love life somewhere or the world of your love-fantasy or may be about the broken love life of yours. These three things I should say are working as the three chief dots which draw the big popularity triangle.

While many are relying on this trusted popularity triangle, many are working creatively and proving their work milestones. I admire Prasoon Joshi, the way he has been scripting ads now a days which has its own creative sphere that throws an everlasting impact on viewers. The other man in the list is Anurag Kashyap, who has gained immense fame for his name in field of making off beat movies and story bearing cinema. He hardly writes or directs any love story. =D

So we are here with people having different mind sets and perspectives. It completely depends on the people how they are going to react to their feelings, because everyone has feelings inside them. Are you going to mold the feelings on a significant track or are you happy and satisfied by spilling them on confession pages, it completely depends on you. 


  1. You picked up the neck of the issue and it is really great to see a young writer and technocrate raising the truth on board. I encountered similar pages where they clinched 200 likes within a day. It' so funny to see the pseudo reactivity of our youth friends where some real things are assumed virtual.
    Gaurav Bhatt

  2. Thanks Gaurav for appreciation. Do keep visiting. :)