Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Nanny Granny...

Tucked up in saree nicely
Lit up with makeup lightly,
Fat around with emotions heavy
Lived here my nanny granny.
Does the divinity
And Supreme serenity
Reside in stony deity only?
I asserted
That they belong to my old lady.
With rich inside, and grace allied,
Here lived my nanny granny.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Book Seller

Have you ever been alone on a deserted railway platform? Railway platform of small towns always turn desolated by midnight. Flickering tube lights along with gushes of cold wind build a creepy ambience. Well, I am still lucky for having not faced such a situation till now. However I remember one night when I was at such a railway station, and that night might have turned into a haunting for me. Thanks to unexpected arrival of my train on time, and thanks to a book seller I met there.

I was there alone, at Haripur railway station. Nobody was there around except few mendicants in deep sleep, and few dogs that appeared as if they were not alive. I sighed. I looked at my watch; it said it was almost ten at night. My train was scheduled to arrive by 11:10 pm. I once again looked around, trying to find someone that should appear to me alive. I noticed a man near a stall. And he was actually moving. I hauled my luggage and moved towards him. When I reached there, I found that it was a railway book stall, and the man was certainly its owner.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Time! If you could sublime...

Coveting the time to go slow,
Wishing to hold the moments and dont let them go.
Time is now reminding about my return,
To get ready and go about turn.
Can you not spare me this time?
Let me enjoy more,
I am making castles of sand,
And with playing music band,
I am roaming ashore.
Have some wait,
A nap of relaxing bait.
You move on and on,
You never stop
To regret what’s gone.
Why are you so “unhearty”?
Why you never pity Oh dirty?
Is that so because you can’t die?

Oh Come on! It’s just a lie.
Whom will you live with
If we are not here
To pay you rich.
Leave your taste of lime,
Go hearty, and sublime.
Let us live some more,
Making castles of sand,
And with playing music band,
Let us roam some more ashore.
Are you jealous of our laugh?
Stop your poking,
Trying to make them dwarf.
Be with us,
With our joy luminous,
Don’t cut them away,
With your ticking array.
Let us live some more,
Making castles of sand,
And with playing music band,
Let us roam some more ashore.

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Copyrights  - ANSHUL GAUTAM

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Childhood Shelf...

The floor is now squeaky,
Walls bleached out,
And have turned dingy.
Scribbled with my name,
Stairs look the same.
Frames have gone empty,
Paintings lost their colours,
And Look no more dainty.

I wonder that I still remember,
The key to my room’s lock,
Still tough & as hard as rock.
My room where I lived,
My gloom that outlived,
And I am back here,
With my eyes wet,
Riding my childhood gear.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Facebooking... :)

Advent of facebook has affected us. It has affected us with our way of living. It has its effect upon the way we used to share our day to day incidents. And the most important effect which I think is, on our friendship with people. It has provided a bridge for friendship. And through that bridge, reaching out people has become very easy.

Now my each morning begins with few tappings on my phone to open facebook, and check for my latest notifications there. Similar is the case with most of us. Just think that if facebook was not around, how our way of living would have existed then? It would have lived then still contemporary. No new quick friends, no sharing of thoughts on a common platform and outdistanced people distanced away forever. Luckily facebook edited our living and made it more social.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

For Today, Don't Send Me To School...

Momma! See, it has started raining,
Sky is lightening, flickering,
And clouds are thundering.
Don’t get scared!
Stay calm, holding my palm.
I won’t leave you alone,
Now I am grown up,
And no more a fool,
For today, don’t send me to school.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The College Fees...

Dripping sweat, itchy scalp companied by drenched ire showcased a vivid nostalgia when I looked around, towards them. This feel was not just about the sufferings during a hot summer day, but it was about the realisation of similar experiences when I had been there, where they are today.
Coming out from Central Library of our college that day, I was astonished to face the crowd as I headed towards the Administrative Building. Was it about another strike for fee hike? No, it could have never been so. College authorities will never welcome masses dressed to kill their motives for profits. “Apnara liney thakun, sobar sujog ashbey”, a security guard instructed them.
Kids there were for admission to B-tech courses for the new batch 2011-2015 in our college. ‘Kids’, because they will be my juniors now.