Monday, September 23, 2013

Brain-sick's Diary >> Positivism

Life has been a chaotic drama lately, with numerous self-realizations and self-discoveries. I have turned more rigid and endured against harshness. Yes! The heat was rising drastically and it burnt me like hell, but I need to stand in the kitchen. As Harry S Truman said, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’. Escaping is never a solution, it takes courage to face it and make your way through it.

I have started to read a lot. Earlier, I used to hang around with friends or used to tread down alone on the roads of Durgapur, composing short stories and poetry. But now, I read a lot in my room, and this has been the time when most of the self-realizations and self-discoveries have started to come up. How much goodness does the reading habit brings for you, I got to learn. I read two books by Dale Carnegie within past two weeks; ‘How to speak Effectively’ and ‘How to stop worrying and start living’, while ‘How to win friends and people’ I am still reading. It has helped me a lot to improve myself in terms of perceptions that I used to have earlier about ‘friends’, ‘people in general’ and ‘relationships’ that human kind has to offer to you. Most of the problems in our lives are not the serious ones, as Carnegie said, ‘We suffer only from minute problems the most, and tend to overlook the bigger part of our happy life’. Why should we go on spoiling the only life we got because of few tiny pinching agents that life brought in for you?

I am happy and I love my life because I have my supportive parents with me; I have love in my life, love of the kind which many strive for. I am good at whatever I do and I know I can turn out to be the best with some efforts if I lay. Why should I worry and get myself go down for some mere things. Oscar Wilde said, ‘True friends stab you in the front’, and from my past experiences I know that ‘fake-friends’ stab you at the back. Argh! I have gone fed up of this stab thing. I don’t wish to get into more of these stab works. Moreover I don’t even know if there is some midway between ‘true’ and ‘fake’; even if it does exist, who cares?

I wrote this in one go, directly from the dashboard of my website. I suppose for rest of all the diary pages I will write, if I bring them up here, it will be like this. This is not to increase the number of mistakes I made on my website; rather this is just to keep a section where I wrote honestly, without any edits, without any backspaces. 

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