Friday, January 6, 2012

Tale of a Puerpera...

I was then inside you
You lived sad, your eyes dew.
I was to be the victim; I was a girl child
Going to be a dead bush, with Axe’s contrive
You wanted me to live; you dodged the killers
Today I am breathing; I am standing alive.

I lived in your arms always
But you had nowhere to live
I was smiling in your warmth always
But you were cold inside your deep
You were astir always
And me sound asleep.

Not a single utensil we had
But you washed many at your work
I tried to help, lent my hands for you
When I saw your finger bleed
But you revolted & held my hands in yours
Guided me to school to read.

From the savings we hardly did
You preferred to buy me books
Sealing holes in our clothes instead
Today I am able to read and write
I can compete to reach the heights
Just because of you; your mindset right.

You were part of my plays always
Subject for my sketches; all nights & days
Do you remember? My script’s blabber?
Your eyes were amused; your mind in dilemma
And then I had explained, the twisted line schema
I have drawn you; I have written “Maa”.

[India, the nation which has a strong hold of importance today among other powerful nations. Female infanticide and precluding girl child’s rights were dominant until few years ago in some villages and remote interior areas of India. Such practices are getting completely banished by the efforts laid down by Indian Government, and with people’s increasing awareness. But still few evidences of its prevalence come up sometimes. This is a story of a mother who fought against all odds; gave birth to a girl child and made her literate. A tribute from my side to all such mothers our India has.] 

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  1. The poem evokes the sad state of affairs, Anshul. In Tamil Nadu, our Chief Minister is implementing various schemes for stopping this problem and she seems to have succeeded as well.

    Joy always,

  2. Beautifully said Anshul! Its so sad yet so true...


  3. What a soul stirring poem Anshul. You are an amazingly deep person and your poetry always reflects that.

  4. @Susan - yes, you are right. :) thanks for stopping by.

    @kriti - yes, its sad but true at the same time. Thanks for being here... :)

    @gitanjali - thank you so much...keep visiting for more....

    @rimly di - thank you so much di... your comments support me always. :)

  5. Beautiful one Anshul, you have picked a nice topic :)

  6. Amazing writing, touches the soul...

  7. Yes anshul u think realy deep, a pure writer's heart!! Really liked dis piece of urs!!



  8. @Shreya - thank you shreya :)

    @Saru - thank you so much saru di...I love you poetry too.

    @Mani - thank u thank u...I have been learning from your blog after all. :)

  9. nice work anshul. Keep going. :)

  10. very touching anshul!!!!!!a real thought-provoker......a mother is the one who really deserves admiration....and the one you have mentioned is "ineffable"........this is indeed a high time for us to take stringent actions on these social evils like female foeticide which is a blot in the fair name of our society.....i really appreciate you to draw society's attention towards it.

  11. Really heart tchng lines yrr.........