Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Butterfly

On an ivory shade with some brown threaded marks; masked is my body meek and weak, popped out into two bright wing arcs.

And on my wings azure, lie mustered shapes and some tiny little dots; some lucid little hills and some round yellowish sprouts.

I never knew how I looked and what amativeness I had, until you came into my life with my image in your blue eyes clad.

I surmise my colors are no more blazoned; I haven’t seen myself since you had left, my charm left too with my mirror embossed on your eyes pinioned.

Now in the silence of my solitariness few chirruping I hear; what do they say, I can’t make out its meaning neither you can hear it clear.

On dry tongue of mine your sweetness is still alive; a flavor not to forget from our nibbling kisses; the scent of your embrace around my life.

How we lived together is a distant memory dainty; my hold on you and yours on mine; exchange of our gestures in doziness of wine.

Nowhere to live I have now but in memories of you, and in all those moments where we were together-a colored me & a colored you.

Lie they say that the most beautiful I am, nature’s worthy gift & spring’s charm I am; Truth I say that without you a dead musk I am, a bleached spot with no shine I am.

And before I die, a glimpse of yours I need; my last breath shall be the aroma of my love, of my lovely butterfly.



  1. Hello Anshul.
    A few days ago, I saw a closeup of a butterfly in someone's post. The wings actually looked like stained glass.

    You have painted some beautiful imagery here, albeit bittersweet.
    Nice ending.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your comments are appreciated.

    Harp Of My Soul

  2. @Andy sir - thank you so much for your appreciation. It keeps me encouraged :)

  3. Wow!
    Anshul what a remarkable write up!
    Enjoyed reading it :)

    Will keep coming here ...
    Best Wishes!
    Take care n keep writing! :D

  4. Whenever i read you, i use to wonder how someone at ur age can be so impressive and deep in his thoughts every time.....BRAVO....keep it up....:)

  5. Anshul every time I read your poetry you amaze me with your depth of feelings and flair for expressing yourself so beautifully. Keep it up!

  6. @simran - thank you so much...I felt very nice to see you here. :)

    @Punam - thank you Punam di. :)

    @Irfan sir - your blessings is all I need sir. :)

    @Rimly di - thank you so much...Your comments keep me encouraged. :)

  7. you know what Anshul? you have a a signature of your own. they are your words that you choose. your words are very classy and rhythmic.

    the poetry is outstanding. it is unusual. expressions are very meaningful. i read it more than once to absorb the essence of depth you created.

  8. @Sancheeta di - thank you so much di...It means so much to me. :) Your blessings I need. :)

  9. "the scent of your embrace around my life. . ."
    Perfectly lovely.

    Thanks so much for visiting my site and giving me the link to this beautiful piece of work!

  10. It is beautiful Anshul. Full of depth and embellished with beautiful words. I liked the idea too. Truly imaginative where one can identify him or herself with your creative description.

  11. @namrata - thanks that you find it that comparable where somebody can relate him into it. I wish to see you on my blog more often...Keep Visiting. :)