Sunday, January 29, 2012

Did You Know?

The more I know, 
The less it seems what I know.
And when I have known 
All what I wanted to know, 
I see there is lot more to know 
That I never thought I would ever know.

But I know, 
I cant stop; I have to let you know
Lots of things you never cared to know. 
Few things I missed  too I know, 
Where you are weak you too even know. 
And new things that you know, 
You should share to make us know, 
If we missed them but didn't know. 

Feel my words to know, 
how urgently we need  this to know. 
This is about the Knowledge my friends;

The more you know, 
The less it seems what you know.


  1. very cool. A bit confusing this late, but I get it after reading it a few times. this I do know.

  2. @Jan- hahaha...thank you Jan for stopping by. :)

  3. hohh!! You boggled my mind. And you know what, I too feel that more we know, we get that there's much more to know. :)

  4. @Namrata - yes. it is really so. Knowing has no end to it. :)

  5. Now I know what I wanted to know about you.

  6. I loved this poetic concept. I understood all you said. Now I truly know... Absolutely nothing! LOL! Just kidding. Great work dear poet!

  7. @Tameka - haha...that was nice Tameka. :D

  8. make the words dance...and there is so much to know...we will never know all of it but in each bit more we gain understanding...

  9. @Summer - Thank you so much Summer. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    @Brian - You are each bit more we gain understanding. :)

  10. I think this poem suited the art well.


  11. Yes, I know this to....thought provoking writing Anshul! :-)