Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 things about me – Tags and Delays

Happy happy wishes and well being prays I do for you all. This new year I have signed many new resolutions for myself. Few odd things will still tend to persist. And many of them will not. A firm bond I have formed with determination this time :D 
Friends, here is a little share of seven things about me. I don't think that I ever disclosed them. Other than my mom and dad, hardly there is anyone who has seen me this closer. Being a part of the Tag at Punam di's blog post on her blog Dreamzz Forever, I have put up this post; and I am forwarding this wonderful and awarding tag over. Thank you Punam di... :)

The rules of this tag are as follows:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Spread the love and honour.
4. Award and contact 7 recently discovered bloggers.

My seven Not So Good Not So Bad things :D 
1) The Talking – I don’t speak much. It’s not that I don’t talk. I just don’t speak much.
I believe when you encounter such a person who doesn’t speak much; lives a bit separate and doesn’t deals much with your stuffs, more often you start believing that person is rude. The person is egoistic and is stern from inside. It’s completely wrong.
I don’t know if people think of me the same way. But if they do, then it is just their wrong belief.
Do you call a dumb person rude? I don’t. And you know, I talk more than a dumb. :D

2) The watching – Yes! I love to watch you. I watch and observe people’s expressions, their body language. I love to hear them; with a smile stretched between little spaced end marks.
Most of the time I can catch the lies you tell me.
An observer I am being, a good observer I want to be. :)

3)The Sensitivity – A good observer must not be too much sensitive on his emotions I think. But I am. Even your nose pricking while I am talking with you will lead me to conclude various things.
A bad nature it is. I am trying to work on it to close it to some extent. hmmm....

4) The Thinking Altitude – I can spend hours doing nothing; just thinking. I will be sitting on a chair Imagining, thinking. Hey! It’s not about sleeping and then dreaming. It’s about my woken up state and imagining. :P

5) The Moral Portrait – I am morally strong. I keep raising issues concerned with whats right and whats not. I keep getting scolds from the opposition majority. :(

6) The Foodie Doll – I am a foodie. Don’t think I am a sloth. I am fit and fine.
I love to eat various dishes - spicy, chilly. When I am at home, I do nothing other than just eating the nice nice recipes my mom keeps developing.

7) The Gadget Lover – A gadget freak I am. I would love to have my hands on each and every gadget around us today. I love my mp3 players more than music. :P
I have always wanted to get a DSLR for exploring the photographic imaginations of mine. But till the time I am under student budget scheme, I have buried this desire under a grave stone. I have my eyes on that grave stone though. Ok! Never mind.
A bonus secret - I am in a relationship with my laptop. My mobile and my headphones are my best friends. :)

Ah! It was nice to compile this write up. More pleasure for me because I am sharing this with you. I wish the pleasure would be intact inside the gift box I have safely packaged it in. Now I am tagging the names of my friends on the name plate sticker.

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  1. NICE post congrats to you and other winners of the award.

  2. It's good to learn more about you.

  3. Was a gud one as always from your side and much thanx for the tag..

  4. Extremely thankful n glad for this anshul. N wt i liked d most abt ths post s telling about urself to ur friends n readers..:D

    It was great n fun at the same time reading about u!!


  5. That was quite something, Anshul!! Well-done, and I loved knowing more about you. So, you are the introvert day dreamer who observes things and people, and are going to be big someday.. (conclusion because your love for gadgets will push you to be able to afford them?? Diligently??) Bolo sahi kaha??
    God bless you, Anshul. :)

  6. well... thanku very much for the reward... thanks for tagging me..
    i m very much honoured... and good to know few of the unknown facts about u..
    thanks again... :)

  7. @all - thank you very very much everyone...Keep Visiting...Keep encouraging... :)

    @punam di - yes figured out quite closely everything :)

  8. @All - thank you so much....Please do come back soon. :)