Friday, May 4, 2012

Girls-Oh-Mania (Part I)

How do you feel when you are walking alone and a girl passes by you, surrounded by her male well-wishers, whom you often consider to be her beloved, throwing a glance on you. You do try to look into her eyes but soon you dismantle your attention and turn your glance away :P. This is what happens most of the times with a student in his college life...Share how do you feel in your comments.

I think the first thing to strike in one’s mind will be, “what the hell do I lack that I am still alone?” Well, may be the girl would be somehow engaged in some other way too with those guys and not by the way we think them to be oftenly. I am on a different track and I have different propositions about it. India has been under a trend which emphasizes Women Empowerment. I am quite low on statistics and realistic facts on a country basis may not be present with me. But so far I had been here in my college and as per the situation I have seen here; I can gallantly announce that goals have been achieved. :D

And achievement has been so intense that Women empowerment has surfaced top and male counterparts now lie on the brink with their rights in vain. Semester’s internal marks, faculties’ attention and care, your best friend’s concern and even Egg Roll wallah’s priority goes to girls. Today I was forcibly made to wait 10 minutes extra just because three young and pretty girls arrived there; first year students probably. I thought since I had been there first, I would be given service first too. I was wrong. When the roll was prepared, I extended my hands to take it, while the biased Egg Roll wallah brought his hands towards one of those girls. I retraced, while other two girls laughed. And they giggled. Finally when my turn came, I ascertained it by querying him twice if it did belong to me. Things have been going on this way everywhere for me.

While returning back to hostel, I saw three boys accompanying a girl. One of them was my branch mate who lied to me that he had to study for Automata’s test and didn't accompany me for today's evening walk. How much my friends study, I am amazed. :D
In college life, you need to pay a lot for not being a girl. Ranging from your best friend’s concern for you to marks you get in internals. Another interesting thing I saw today was a notice posted in our hostel. We are going to have an off-campus placement drive for our college. I don't want to disclose the company name. But the package it is offering will surprise our campus students. Its Rs 5.86 lacs per annum. Interesting fact to note is that it is only for girls, underlined in bold. :D. 

A note of advice I learnt here in my college is, don’t consider any boy to be your best friend as he can leave you anytime for the best girl he assumes someone to be for him. This theory is applicable in vice versa too and with a more self-explanatory note. You just need to be a loner and a nice observer… 


  1. my stance on this is in affirmation with yours.Its better to be a solitary onlooker than being a part of that.

    I can overlook the most part of it but not the one you mentioned at the last.

    According to my perception and conception, boys are more passionate about the technical studies and thus their array of skills and abilities are superior to those of girls.

    Either a girl is a bookworm or have a cellphone glued to their palm.The second half of the statement have more weight.In real life conditions their reliability is feeble.

    Still we face prejudice everywhere(at least in college till now....). And when i found in the notice board that eligibility has been AND gated with the inputs being- 65% and Female.... i felt like why are we always treated like don't care terms?

  2. I agree with you. . . . But a certain section of this post made me realise,that the best friend is me . . . :(
    Poor and helpless me :(

  3. Nice...
    Felt good to go through it and enjoyed a lot too. The way students behaviour changes after having a gf or more precisely "after getting a girl" , in our language is just like what a chameleon changes its colour! A drastic change suddenly.

    A good way to point those type of students. Hope they will change their behaviour, which is very difficult for them to do. :-P