Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning Reflections

Since the beginning, the time when I started blogging, I have written many posts concerned with friendship. What binds it, what unwinds it, how hurting it can be, how much centralized it should be; I don’t know in what post I emphasized which aspect of friendship but yes, I did, may be on different concerns and in different contexts. I keep collecting experiences and my learning from them keeps going on. I blog about them as my blog is my heart, the place where my feelings reside. I don’t want my experiences to escape from my heart and so they are here, on my blog.

I have seen that the in friendship circle, people I gave much importance to have always resulted into a being which should not be given even a penny of trust, not even a blot piece of bread. And for those people for whom I rarely collected any attention have contributed to me a lot in terms of solicitation and regard. Even if you get to know this theory, you can’t ascertain it soon. It takes time and circumstances to highlight the hidden aspects that keep faces covered under the shadow of disguise.

Love them who love you, but regard with respect to all. Try to judge people with what they do and not with what they pretend to do. I would also like to point that don’t just cling to your limited circle rather expand it further because anytime you may feel that you never belonged to that circle and probably your place was somewhere else. Very recently I faced this and now I regret why didn't I leave my circle earlier. Why didn’t I form another circle with those people who were like me, who would do what I liked to do and without pretending anything that they never do…

I have subscribed to few of Google’s SMS channel services and from there I received an SMS few days back. And it was as follows:
“Every struggle in your life has shaped into the person you are today…
Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you stronger.”

I think this SMS should have been more precise with this post if I say it like
“We should be thankful to every friend of us who betrayed and allowed us to struggle on our own. They have actually made us more stronger.”


  1. It's tough to deal with friends' betrayals - but it is something a lot of us seem to face, though no doubt one does learn and grow from these disappointments. I think it might help to create some distance and find newer interests and newer friends.

  2. Good..Near to the mark thinking..

  3. Your Post is very interesting... Keep writing u have the talent.

    Eigroj Stain from The Blog Hop Saturday

  4. Hi Anshul ,

    My fav. topic Friendship!
    I totally agree with whatever you mentioned in this post. Me too faced such incidents.
    We must elongate the friends circle instead of being with limited friends and yeah we must give regard to all (Fav. point) :D

    I liked the quote and that's something I always share with people sitting hopelessly. Well compared with friendship :)

  5. Hello Anshul.
    Throughout our lives, many people will come and go. Some will stay for a short while and others will remain forever. Each person adds something to our lives, whether it be good or bad.

    A true friend is someone who loves and respects you for who you are, is not afraid to let you know when you are wrong and will stand beside you when faced with the trials and tribulations of life. Not only will such a friend support you financially (if needed), (s)he will support you emotionally, mentally and will be your strength in times of weakness. Friends like these are very few and far between. When they appear in your midst, hold on to them.

    Thought-provoking post. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday! I intend to host this hop every first Saturday in the month, so the next hop will be on June 2nd. To allow for friends from afar, the Linky will open on Fri June 1st from 8:00pm EST - 11:59pm Sat June 2nd. Invite your friends...everyone is welcome...hope you will join us! Just remember to visit others in the Linky too. Having word verification enabled makes it very difficult to comment. Please consider removing will encourage more comments. ;-)

  6. I agree and I disagree. It is easy to love thosewho love us, but real love is when we learn to love those who dont love us, otherwise loving others is the same as loving once ego boosters. ANd yeah we learn patience from those who wont stand our openness, we learn tolerence from those who wont adjust to us...we wouldnt learn anything from those who accept and love us as we are!!!

  7. Take note of Andy's and Jerly Sir's comments seriously.