Friday, January 6, 2012

Tale of a Puerpera...

I was then inside you
You lived sad, your eyes dew.
I was to be the victim; I was a girl child
Going to be a dead bush, with Axe’s contrive
You wanted me to live; you dodged the killers
Today I am breathing; I am standing alive.

I lived in your arms always
But you had nowhere to live
I was smiling in your warmth always
But you were cold inside your deep
You were astir always
And me sound asleep.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The LIFE's Cola

An Imaginative Portryal through Photoshop's brushes of mine. Here it is. Many works I have accomplished using Adobe Photoshop till now, which I am still learning.This one seemed very much cute to me. And I shared it here. The Hindi lyrics in it is not mine. The lyrics is from the Coca Cola advertisement that is being seen now a days on television every now and then.
CLICK the image to see it LARGE. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 things about me – Tags and Delays

Happy happy wishes and well being prays I do for you all. This new year I have signed many new resolutions for myself. Few odd things will still tend to persist. And many of them will not. A firm bond I have formed with determination this time :D 
Friends, here is a little share of seven things about me. I don't think that I ever disclosed them. Other than my mom and dad, hardly there is anyone who has seen me this closer. Being a part of the Tag at Punam di's blog post on her blog Dreamzz Forever, I have put up this post; and I am forwarding this wonderful and awarding tag over. Thank you Punam di... :)

The rules of this tag are as follows:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Spread the love and honour.
4. Award and contact 7 recently discovered bloggers.

My seven Not So Good Not So Bad things :D 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New Sunrise

A familiarity it seems I have
With the moment I am seeing
A conking evening it seems
Feeling the aroma; wishes & smiles caking
I have been through it before too
I have heard the voices similar
People’s handshakes & their chaining.
Pyrotechnic arts and fireworks around
Tiny little bells’ jingling fogbound.
Yes! I recall what it is
New year eve’s flock it is
A welcome to the coming year
Celebration at its beginning.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being Aspirer

Who is the one, that has come along,
Haven’t met distress, happiness among.
A seed is sown, a hope is grown
And when it’s a sapling, there comes blabbering
That one day it will grow, fruits it will show
Shadow will be around, pleasure profound.
And then it’s not hope, wider is its scope
Has turned into dream, an auspicious scheme.

Look the difference my friend, in small words I lend
That was the needle, you had selected
To sew your life, that was uncoordinated.
But the finger got pricked; your soul got tricked
Incidents that existed, has made strength go tested.
And if I am not wrong, you weren't played for long
You should be thankful, at least a handful
To the God that’s right, with whom we can’t fight.

What’s so nice, if you continue to slice
You know the pain, as it’s you who has the burn.
Look wider this time; and let life sublime
The life is real, which you must live with zeal,
You can’t skip the bad part, like life in reel.
You have earned something, a lesson to learn.
And it’s already so sad, so why let go further bad?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I will come back

A kind of attachment I grow
Where ever I live,
My vacant hostel reminds something
And I dont wanna leave,
This is so, I believe.

However sweet the home is,
A kind of being myself is here,
Like the bolt on the door is.
And I have locked the door
with somebody inside,
And thats my lonely piece there,
Hauling its roar
Calling my name wide.

Why is it so sad
Among the smiles on the pad?
Hey! I will come back,
Wait for me,
Look for my imprints on rack.
I will turn,
With every setting sun,
For you only
My partner at my lonely.
Hey! I will come back. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Am Alone...

On a crowded road,
I walked aside;
They leapt past me,
My existence at hide;
And then escaped a moan,
I am alone…

I got worried,
With their turmoil and despair;
I extended my hands to help,
But they cut them in pair;
And then cried the unfair loan,
I am alone…

I played the game,
Snubbed their rules wicked,
With my rules of moral fame;
But I lost and fell;
And then pained my broken bone,
I am alone…

I fell in love,
With a girl my first;
But she moved away,
Left my heart to burst;
And then screamed my heart sewn,
I am alone…

I don’t know,
How do I feel;
I don’t know,
What’s in the reel;
But then says my mind blown,
I am alone…

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delusion of Love...

Once, I lived on a tree,
With everything green around
And other birds pretty.
An elegant view of hillock,
Where lived a little dunnock.
She came here,
Quite near;
She sang for us,
With no fear.
That day should have never ended;
When our eyes had met,
And she had smiled.

Tree had no bells,
But wind had chime,
With a voice so fine,
And a schematic rhyme.
Sunny galore of spring,
Had sent us warmth,
Clung with love in his ring.
And Cupid had sent Raven,
With flowers her favourite,
From garden of his heaven.
That day should have never ended;
When our eyes had met,
And she had smiled.