Sunday, January 29, 2012

Did You Know?

The more I know, 
The less it seems what I know.
And when I have known 
All what I wanted to know, 
I see there is lot more to know 
That I never thought I would ever know.

But I know, 
I cant stop; I have to let you know
Lots of things you never cared to know. 
Few things I missed  too I know, 
Where you are weak you too even know. 
And new things that you know, 
You should share to make us know, 
If we missed them but didn't know. 

Feel my words to know, 
how urgently we need  this to know. 
This is about the Knowledge my friends;

The more you know, 
The less it seems what you know.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My College Life - Phase 1

10th of August 2010, the day was. We had our orientation ceremony at college’s auditorium. From the next day our classes were to begin. I was late by two days. I couldn’t attend the orientation day neither could I attend the first class of my first semester. I came to know about that orientation ceremony when my mates narrated me later. Few called it boring, like every auditorium function that I am seeing since then, but few called that very much fascinating it was. I can understand; college organizes a function and that also to welcome the first years, so they are most likely going to like it, not because it is good at entertaining them or pertaining to their academics but because of the zeal and energy first year has. I couldn’t be there to watch so I shall not comment much on it. 'BCET' printed on a pen we got, and a letter from our director. The letter had a context in which he told us not to be oversensitive. It did contain few things more, but this very one I can’t forget anyhow, at least after seeing whatever I have seen till now in college.

That was not the first time when I was to live away from home. I was in Bansal Classes, Kota, for one year. Preparations and attention towards my goal couldn’t lead me to glory. I dreamt of ‘Kharagpur’ and fell in ‘Durgapur’ at last. I was very shy to accept that I was there in Kota when people in college asked me where I did the preparation. Not shy but very much shameful I used to feel talking about it. Now I have learnt to accept my defeat.  And I don’t hesitate telling them. It is not that now I have turned shameless. It is so because I have learnt to accept the truth.

There was one thing that worried me the most. I had never shared my room with anybody. I am doing that very well now. But then things were different; I was different. I was not sure of how I would be adjusting with someone I didn’t know, with someone whose nature I was not sure of what kind it was. I met him in the evening, his name is Sheikh Nehar, and he is still my roommate. He is a decent guy. I never had anything to complain about him the entire first year. There are several memorable moments that we have seen together, and we are still seeing.:)
After I settled my bags and baggage in my wardrobe, I went for a shower. The journey of 1147 miles was very much tiring and I was almost sapped out. I thought of having a shower. I can’t figure out what actually was over me then. I entered the bathroom and I cried. I cried loud in shower but not loud enough to get heard outside. I was missing my mom, my dad. I was thinking where I had reached. It was not worth for what I did. There were so many things for which I found myself culprit. Water splashes mingled with my tears and tried to lessen its presence, and then entered a silent part of me into me, that did the secret discussions whenever I was lonely. That silent part is still within me...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Butterfly

On an ivory shade with some brown threaded marks; masked is my body meek and weak, popped out into two bright wing arcs.

And on my wings azure, lie mustered shapes and some tiny little dots; some lucid little hills and some round yellowish sprouts.

I never knew how I looked and what amativeness I had, until you came into my life with my image in your blue eyes clad.

I surmise my colors are no more blazoned; I haven’t seen myself since you had left, my charm left too with my mirror embossed on your eyes pinioned.

Now in the silence of my solitariness few chirruping I hear; what do they say, I can’t make out its meaning neither you can hear it clear.

On dry tongue of mine your sweetness is still alive; a flavor not to forget from our nibbling kisses; the scent of your embrace around my life.

How we lived together is a distant memory dainty; my hold on you and yours on mine; exchange of our gestures in doziness of wine.

Nowhere to live I have now but in memories of you, and in all those moments where we were together-a colored me & a colored you.

Lie they say that the most beautiful I am, nature’s worthy gift & spring’s charm I am; Truth I say that without you a dead musk I am, a bleached spot with no shine I am.

And before I die, a glimpse of yours I need; my last breath shall be the aroma of my love, of my lovely butterfly.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Shubho Sankranti

“Oh! Crayons work it seems, green white yellow and red; swaying, flying and quarrelling on the blue bed...Kites they are; happiness bizarre….”

Few days back, while strolling on the terrace I watched closely our neighbor kids playing around with their kites. With colorful designs, imprints new and their long jazzy tail, and tied with sharp manja everybody was keen towards the sky. Watching their colorful fight up above in the sky, I wrote a few lines and updated on Facebook; a part of which I mentioned above in quotes. 
I wish if I could also fly kites. I never learned how to, excuses for it are lame and I won’t mention them here. But by just watching them I feel it must be enjoyable to hold yourself a little high, and control your grooves with competent skills you apply.

Makar Sankranti is near. Not near, it is just here in fact. On 14th of January, we will be celebrating this festival. Another important festival of India, another credit worthy that makes India a colorful country. Color signifies variations of shades, a visual attribute of things from the light they emit. :) And this holds so true for India.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated for various reasons, in innumerable ways depending upon the location, cultural background and climatic conditions within India. It is observed as a harvest festival. Offerings and prayers to the Lord for the better harvest of crops is observed. Apart from this, Makar Sankranti also stands for movement of the Sun from Tropic of Capricorn to Tropic Cancer. In fact the term Sankranti stands for this very transmigration of the Sun. 
According to the Hindu mythology, period after mid-December is said to be inauspicious. No sacred rituals or holy practices are recommended during this period. Makar Sankranti brings end to this inauspicious phase and fetches good fortunes. :)
Happiness to have entered into the auspicious season calls for celebration. And to celebrate, the way shall be yours, this is what I recommend. :D However the customary forms of celebration include flying kites, preparation of sweets and several dishes. Sweets made from ‘Til’ and jaggery are known for this festival. And do you know the importance of Til? January is too cold and eating Til will keep you warm. :) 

We have given various names to Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Maghi, Bihu, Pongal. Though each part of India has a different name for it, a different taste to add, a different cultural background at play, but you know the fervor of felicity and happiness is everywhere sound and profound. And happiness gets more with sharing. And I share with you here. Happy Makar Sankranti to all of you. :)

Our family has something more to celebrate. Tomorrow, that is on 13th of January it’s my Papa’s birthday. So there is an added bonus for us. And while I was typing this I was wondering what shall I be gifting my papa on his birthday? It is very much difficult to decide. I don’t earn. And to buy him something from the money that’s his, I am doing no good. :(
Lots of love, and to be a good son is what I can afford with the best right now. 
I wish if a better term I could use for the word gift, if something special I could add to this;
That better I want to buy, wrapped with smiles hundred, a bundle to unpack the bliss. :) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Weblog Splendor

I don’t remember when I worked last like the way I have been doing since yesterday. Fingers have seized to themselves and are not listening to what my brain is telling. And my wrist has turned even worse. The prevalent bondage it laid on the mouse is showing its effects now. And the eyes; are they still eyes? I suspect. But I am seeing, my suspicion subsides. But it has gone swollen. Sleep I need.

Actually the New Year resolution that I had recently signed gestured me to bring changes wherever there is stand-still. Most of them I have already worked upon. My blog design was what I had missed. Its design, the widgets it contained; all were the same since I formed my blog. And it is getting more than seven months of my blog’s birth. :D
“I shall change it, the design…mmmmhhhh….Everything”, I committed the crime to myself.
Changing the basic template for your blog is very easy. It won’t give you the pain that I faced. Actually the pains start stagnating once you choose to look for the “best” available “free custom“ template.  I went through hundreds of free templates; found them no good at all.

“Yes! This is the one”…I stopped somewhere. But when I loaded the template what I got was terribly bad. Though the CSS layouts were intact but I didn’t like the way my blog looked overall. I decided to change the basic codes of the templates. Thanks to my best friend, Mr. Google. He was always with me supporting me with cheats and tweaks that most of the time failed to impress me.
Yesterday it ended without any progress. If you call ‘a mess up’ a progress then yes, I had it a lot yesterday.  Few more tweaks, some more tries finally yielded something significant. I redesigned everything; from Photoshopic designing of header/logo to breaking the outer and inner wrapper of the main page; played around with Jquery and JavaScript. It now feels good that it is over finally.

There is still lot to say, but I bind up here. If you will be visiting my blog now, you will notice the changes yourself. Though it pained a lot, but yes it was enjoyable. I learned many things. Things that are part of my subject, but I was missing them. There is still lot more to learn; lot more to earn.
Pains do gains…..I agree. Do you?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tale of a Puerpera...

I was then inside you
You lived sad, your eyes dew.
I was to be the victim; I was a girl child
Going to be a dead bush, with Axe’s contrive
You wanted me to live; you dodged the killers
Today I am breathing; I am standing alive.

I lived in your arms always
But you had nowhere to live
I was smiling in your warmth always
But you were cold inside your deep
You were astir always
And me sound asleep.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The LIFE's Cola

An Imaginative Portryal through Photoshop's brushes of mine. Here it is. Many works I have accomplished using Adobe Photoshop till now, which I am still learning.This one seemed very much cute to me. And I shared it here. The Hindi lyrics in it is not mine. The lyrics is from the Coca Cola advertisement that is being seen now a days on television every now and then.
CLICK the image to see it LARGE. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 things about me – Tags and Delays

Happy happy wishes and well being prays I do for you all. This new year I have signed many new resolutions for myself. Few odd things will still tend to persist. And many of them will not. A firm bond I have formed with determination this time :D 
Friends, here is a little share of seven things about me. I don't think that I ever disclosed them. Other than my mom and dad, hardly there is anyone who has seen me this closer. Being a part of the Tag at Punam di's blog post on her blog Dreamzz Forever, I have put up this post; and I am forwarding this wonderful and awarding tag over. Thank you Punam di... :)

The rules of this tag are as follows:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Spread the love and honour.
4. Award and contact 7 recently discovered bloggers.

My seven Not So Good Not So Bad things :D